Auza Audio Wave Packets, Time-Variant Complex Modulator For Eurorack

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Auza Audio Wave Packets, a new Eurorack modulator that generates sophisticated modulations by combining frequency-dynamic oscillation with function generators. 

When it comes to modulation, a modular system/Eurorack is superior to any classic Synthesizer in many areas. From simple LFOs, envelopes, multi-segment envelopes, sequenced modulators, … and everything controllable with CV to raise the complexity in new directions.

But you also come to the point in the modular that you have seen everything about modulators. Ok almost. Auza Audio, a new Eurorack manufacturer has recently introduced its first Eurorack module Wave Packets that introduces an innovative concept for a modulator.

Auza Audio Wave Packets

Auza Audio Wave Packets

Wave Packets (16HP) is a 24-bit wavetable oscillator that can be either an audio source or modulator. The module allows you to create time-limited or time-repeating signals in one form or another also named “wave packets”. According to the developer, each wave packet core uses four primary dimensions: time, depth, frequency, and wave shape. The latter shapes smoothly the signal from sine to sawtooth.

The core concept is not new. It is based on the time-variant idea found in Roland synthesizers like D-10. Here, you merge frequency-dynamic oscillation and function generator in new complex modulators. In the Wave Packets module, you can control the oscillator core via four stages T1 to T4 (top), optional sustain stage as well as three depth faders. The latter sculpt the wave packet’s overall contours, while the wave shape, glide, and three frequency controls determine its oscillations through time.

There are three ways to trigger the module. Either you trigger the time-variant envelope, use it in gate mode, or cycle through the four stages in a loop. Further, the transition between the stages can be adjusted in detail. Thus you can get a super smooth transition with the glide control or harsh ones.

Oscillator & Modulator

The module has 3 unipolar/2 bipolar outputs, each stands for another interaction between the contour function and oscillations. It includes pure contour, unipolar wave,  resonator contour, capsulated oscillator, and the pure oscillator. You can use all five outputs simultaneously and the module is also fully self-patchable that expands the concepts even more.

At first glance an interesting module that brings new ideas into the Eurorack world. The concept is more special and certainly requires a look at the manual.  There is a single mini video for the module. That’s not a lot but I’m really looking forward to the first practical examples.

Auza Audio Wave Packets will be available in Summer, price TBA.

More information here: Auza Audio

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