discoDSP Releases Scope, New Oscilloscope Plugin For PC, Mac & Linux

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With Scope, discoDSP publishes a very handy oscilloscope plugin for PC, Mac & Linux with which the activity (waveforms) of synths can be visualized.

It’s cool to see that there is a new small oscilloscope plugin on the market. The selection is somewhat limited here. Like all other oscilloscopes, it uses a two-axis graph to give a visual representation of a waveform over time, with the horizontal axis representing time and the vertical axis representing the amplitude.

Oscilloscopes are frequently used to assist dynamics processing and sound synthesis. It’s usually placed last in the signal chain, so that it analyses the cumulative effects of any plugins placed before it. Like any analysis plugin, though, you can place it anywhere in the chain, to view the signal at that point.  An oscilloscope is especially helpful to see which waveforms a synthesizer can produce and to understand better synthesis. Update: Scope is always available now for iOS AUv3.

discoDSP Scope

This is a very simple oscilloscope. But there are also plugin manufactures and musicians who use the technology to build Synthesizers and visual performances out of it. For example, Sound Demote offers synth plugins that are based on deep oscilloscope engines.

There are also musicians who use Oscilloscope to design shapes. For example, BR Laser uses this in combination with Laser or Jerobeam Fenderson created an entire algorithm based on this. This is not the discoDSP Scope plugin but a combination of hardware & software.

discoDSP Scope is available now for $9 USD for PC, Mac & Linux as a VST, VST3, and AU plugin. A demo without restriction is on the website.

More information: discoDSP

iOS version

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