Pakotec Announced Public Beta Of PluginPlay – Is This The Future Of Plugins?

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With PluginPlay, you can rent music production plugins not only monthly but also when you really need them!

Between two options, a musicians can choose in the plugin market today: buy or rent. If you check a bit the community, most of them decide to buy, because they can own the plugin forever. But now comes a company that tires to change the plugin rents and make them more attractive. PluginPlay is a new plugin platform that not only offers monthly or annual subscriptions but also those are tailored to the time you need effectively.

With every plugin you install you get up to 10 hours of free usage every month. If you need more than 10 hours, you can subscribe for a week, a month or a year. So you can rent a specific mixing/mastering plugins only the time you really need. Musicians can work offline up to 5 days at a time with the subscribed plugins. The beta currently features products rom D16 Group and Kilohearts but more developers and plugins are coming in the coming months.

It’s an interesting new way to offer plugins for rent. But there is a problem in my opinion. Since many manufactures offer plugins with very high discounts during specific days (Black Friday, Christmas…), it’s still more interesting to buy them. So it would be good if PluginPlay decide here for manufacturers that don’t make big sales.


PluginPlay gives you access to the world’s best plugins, when you need them, for as long as you need them. It’s easy, affordable and 100% legal!

  • Manage Plugins: Discover: download, install and manage all your plugins from the convenience of one account.
  • Lifetime Updates: stay up to date with the latest version of every plugin without paying extra.
  • Rewarding Pricing Model: our tiered pricing structure means the more plugins you rent from the same manufacturer, the better the discount you receive.
  • Manage Subscriptions: the plugins are available in a variety of different subscription plans: weekly, monthly or yearly.
  • Free Monthly Usage: work with any plugin for free, up to 10 hours a month. Every month.
  • Work From Anywhere: access your plugins from any computer or studio with one account.
  • Work Offline: you can work offline up to five days at a time.
  • Instant Activation: no iLock’s or Serial numbers needed. Just select activation plan and start creating.

Activating plugins starts from $0.5 USD.

The PluginPlay beta is currently available for Windows only (Mac version is in development).

More information here: PluginPlay

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