nLab Synthesis Kosmo, West-Coast Synthesizer For Reaktor 6.4

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nLab Synthesis Kosmo is a west-coast inspired 3-track Synthesizer & groovebox for the full version of Reaktor 6.4 

Modular synthesizer environments offer musicians a true synthesis paradise. Often much more than just Eurorack-style modules. In Reaktor 6.4, for example, you can create complete virtual instruments, effects, or modules from scratch. Be a developer but without coding. Native Instruments recognized the potential of Reaktor early on and rely heavily on the User Library in which users can share their works with others. Like a social medium for so-called ensemble patches.

The community is huge and there are now more than 5000 creations to download. Some designers also dare to take the next step and offer their products as a purchase. So also nLab Synthesis which today presents Kosmo, a new west-coast sound generator/groovebox in their webshop.

nLab Synthesis Kosmo

nLab Synthesis Kosmo

Kosmo is a Synthesizer that takes inspiration from two different worlds. First, from the west-coast synthesis known from Buchla Synthesizer for example, and secondly from old soviet synthesizers aesthetic. The result is an easy-to-use 3-track experimental groovebox that uses and simplifies some of their most important features.

It features folded triangle oscillators, lowpass gates, cycling envelopes, random sequencers, chaotic LFOs, XY pad, and different effects. The developer promises an intuitive workflow that gives in a few steps chaotic and distorted percussion patterns as well as an evolving & dreamy soundscape.

Sonically and visually an eye-catcher in my opinion. A nice, experimental instrument that shows what the current Reaktor Platform is capable of.

nLab Synthesis Kosmo is available now for 20€ and requires the full version of Reaktor 6.4.

More information here: nLab Synthesis 

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