AAS Multiphonics CV-1, Eurorack-Style Modular Synthesizer Plugin

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AAS is back in modular synthesis with Multiphonics CV-1, a new Eurorack-style modular Synthesizer plugin for macOS and Windows. 

Modular synthesizer plugins are more popular than ever. This is mainly due to the trend of Eurorack synthesizers. Many software companies try to recreate this colorful world in software and for little money.

In the meantime, there are many different plugins available such as VCV Rack (free), Voltage Modular, and others. Today AAS has announced the comeback in modular synthesis with its new Multiphonics CV-1 Synthesizer plugin. It is not an official successor to the well-known Tassman 4 plugin but a Synthesizer that was developed from the ground up.

AAS Multiphonics CV-1

AAS Multiphonics CV-1

Multiphonics CV-1 is a Eurorack-inspired modular synthesizer with different modules. The optics are somewhat reminiscent of the modular synths from Radom Source. Mainly because of its bold, colored inputs and outputs. AAS says it’s a brand new space for exploration, experimentation, creation, learning, and fun.

The plugin mainly uses core features from the virtual analog synthesis domain. It ships with a comprehensive library of different modules. From different oscillators, filters, envelope, LFOs, CV utilities, and more. A bit of shame, in the beginning, there are no physical modeling-style oscillator modules, a synthesis in which the developers of AAS are kings. But you can achieve this with the Objeq Filter module’s resonator section. It doesn’t very deep but it works. Hope we will see in the future more unique modules as we know from Tassman.

Applied Acoustics Systems promises a simple and straightforward interface that makes the workflow fast and efficient for musicians and sound designers. At first glance, the interface looks very intuitive and nicely structured. Like all other software modular synthesizers, Multiphonics CV-1 benefits from DAW features like easy synchronization, direct access to MIDI control & expression signals, macro parameters, and more.

“We are thrilled to be back in the world of modular synthesis, a return to our first love!” says Benoit Charland, lead productdesigner at Applied Acoustics Systems. “Multiphonics was built from the ground up and developed with patching flexibilityin mind.

We took great care in making sure the modules were thought-out and designed to work together in an optimalmanner providing a coherent patching experience. We also wanted all functionalities to be directly accessible from theinterface in order to make the creation of patches and the realization of musical ideas as fast and playful as possible.”

Next-Generation Tassman?

AAS and modular synthesis are not new friends. The Canadian company had the Tassman Synthesizer plugin in its portfolio, in which one could design extremely deep sounds. There were far more possibilities available than in Multiphonics CV-1. In total there were over 100 modules that also included deeper physical modeling modules.

Since a lot of modules are still missing at the moment, Multiphonics CV-1 is not really a Tassman replacement. But you have to give the plugin a little more time and see how it will be further developed including possible new module additions in the future. Nonetheless, the plugin looks very exciting and I think it sounds very good like all AAS plugins.

AAS Multiphonics CV-1 is available now for an introductory price of $79 USD instead of $99 USD. It runs in standalone or as a 64-bit only VST, VST3, and AAX native plugin on macOS & Windows.

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  1. Hi, there is a mistake in your article: the Objeq Filter module can also act as a physical modeling generator if you feed it with a pitch CV signal and some audio as an impulse, thus your statements about this type of synthesis missing seem inappropriate.

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