SampleScience Rusty Piano, Free Virtual Instrument Plugin For Mac & Windows

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SampleScience Rusty Piano is a sampled-based free piano virtual instrument plugin for macOS & Windows that delivers crunchy, lo-fi souds. 

All musicians who work with a DAW are happy to receive free plugins. Even more, if these are available for Mac and Windows. 2020 was a record-breaking year. In no year have there been so many high-quality plugins for free. But that was also due to the extraordinary times in which we still live today.

SampleScience has just released another free plugin that everyone who likes special piano sounds should check out.

SampleScience Rusty Piano

SampleScience Rusty Piano

Rusty Piano is a lo-fi acoustic piano virtual instrument plugin that was recorded hot to achieve a very saturated and thick sound. Don’t expect a classic piano here, but one that is dirty, crackling, and has character. The developer says it’s perfect for “rougher” music genres like indie rock, lo-fi, hip-hop, free jazz, rock’n’roll, etc.

The plugin features different parameters with which you can tweak the piano samples. A multi-LFO, a highpass/lowpass filter for adjusting the frequencies as well as a room reverb to add space to the sound. Further, you get an ADSR envelope, preamp, and glide settings. You can play Rusty Piano in three voice modes. Either in polyphonic, monophonic, or legato.

The user thus has many options to fine-tune the sounds according to his wishes. The instrument is a rompler instrument, so it’s limited to the included samples.

At first glance, a decent sounding free virtual instrument plugin. It’s not top-notch but certainly a nice addition to any bedroom producer setup.

SampleScience Rusty Piano is available for free and runs on macOS and Windows as a VST/AU plugin. Be careful, the plugin is not compatible with Catalina and up. Don’t forget to check out all other free plugins from SampleScience including sounds from analog synths & more.

More information here: SampleScience

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