Eowave Weather Drones 1.5, Experimental Synth Voice Returns In Assembled Form

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Eowave has re-released its experimental organic-sounding Weather Drones synth voice for Eurorack in a new assembled 1.5 version.

Experimental synthesizers have a big place on Synth Anatomy as they introduce new concepts to musicians. One of my favorite synths that fit into this world is the Quadrantid Swarm from the French company Eowave. A patchable hybrid synthesizer consisting of a digital multi-wave oscillator and two analog filters. What makes QS so sonically attractive is its very organic character.

Many of the Quadrantid Swarm’s ideas come from the experimental DIY synth voice weather drones. This module is now available again in an assembled version. If you want a bit of QS charm for your rack, you should read on now.

Eowave Weather Drones 1.5

Eowave Weather Drones 1.5

The original Weather Drones was a DIY project that was created as part of a collaboration for their Atelier DIY event with Villette Sonique and the Paris-based modular shop Modularsquare. The 1.5 has a big difference in that it is pre-built and is no longer a DIY kit. Plus it has a new front panel with new graphics. It’s now strongly reminiscent of the Quadrantid Swarm.

Weather Drone 1.5 remains an all-in-one patchable drone voice for Eurorack. It offers a rich-sounding digital triangle wave oscillator that has different controls. Freq, spreads adds up to 8 triangle waveforms to the signal, character is a wavefolder as well as an FM input with an attenuator.

Then it has a built-in filter with cutoff control and two mod inputs where one has an attenuator. Nice, the filter has a feedback circuitry for more overdriven, crunchy sounds. On the modulation side, it has an LFO with square and tri waveform outputs, an AD envelope with a level attenuator, and a random S&H noise generator powered by the square wave LFO with an additional slew limiter. Lastly, you have a VCA.

Weather Drones 1.5 has many points that we know from the Quadrantid Swarm Synthesizer. The optics too. If you want a slightly different, more experimental synth voice for your rack, you have to check out this.

Eowave Weather Drones 1.5 is available now for 199€.

More information here: Eowave Modular

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