BLEASS Ports Four Of Their AUv3 Apps To Mac & Windows Including Two Reverbs, Chorus & Delay

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BLEASS has ported four of its best-selling AUv3 effects apps for iOS to mac & Windows including two reverbs, chorus, & delay processors.

, a well-known app developer, is showing his first four VST/ AU effects (two reverbs, chorus & delay) for mac and windows, all ports from iOS

iOS is still an unknown territory for many musicians. The same often applies to developers. Often the young, talented developers see the potential of iOS music apps. The big players, on the other hand, are always more cautious to make a step to the mobile market. Eventide, for example, has shown that iOS can be a success.

Now a talented iOS developer does the opposite. Not from Mac / Windows to iOS but from mobile to desktop. BLEASS from France has today introduced four new VST3/AU plugins that ports of its best-selling effects apps.

Bleass plugins windows mac

BLEASS Plugins

Four plugins make the start. This includes two reverbs, a chorus, and a delay processor. All four adopt the very intuitive UIs from their app counterparts.

BLEASS Chorus is a two-stage chorus effect that is inspired by classic chorus pedals and rack units. It offers full control of the stereo image and is capable of a wide range of sounds. From subtle classic chorus effects, classic modulations to crazy textures.

BLEASS Delay is a multi-purpose delay processor with a rich feature set. It can act as a delay, echo or even frequency shifter with highpass & lowpass filters. Each stage has its own LFO with stereo phases to create versatile stereo effects. Plus, you have ping pong stereo options. According to the developer, it transforms your sounds into cinematic, experimental sonic experiences.


BLEASS Reverb is a small but powerful reverb plugin with 3 different stages. The first stage modifies the input source by correcting the again. You can also set the early reflections pre-delay. Here you can also find two filter types (low-shelf & high-pass) with which you can modify the frequency. Either reduce/boost your basses with the low-shelf filter or cuts the low part with the high-pass filter.

The second stage features a unique-sounding reverb with size modulation and length controls. It also contains a high-frequency damping control for plate-style reverbs and a freeze functionality for infinite sounds. It also includes an X/Y panel which applies a set of fine-tuned frequency shifter as well as a waveshaper in order to mutate your reverb space on the go! The last stage offers a ducking effect made of a compressor side-chained on the dry input in order to bring clarity to heavy kicks and basses.

BLESS Shimmer is a shimmer reverb that brings lush harmonic tails to any sound or instrument, with a very low CPU usage. Also here, you have three stages. A filter & pre-delay in the first, a dual pitch shifter and reverb in the second, and lastly a ducking effect.

The plugin is capable of creating lush shimmer reverbs. From angelic sheens, ambient washes to otherworldly chimes, BLEASS Shimmer is a go-to effect tool for ambient sounds.

I am very happy that the effects made it onto the mac/win platform. I’ve been using them on iOS for a while and all four sound very good and are low on CPU.

The BLEASS plugins are now available and runs on mac & Windows in VST3/AU plugin format.  Either in a bundle for 35€ (introductory sale with a 45% OFF discount) or individually. Chorus & Reverb costs each 12,60€, Delay and Shimmer cost each 19.20€.


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