Happy Nerding FX Aid, New EarthQuaker Devices Transmisser Inspired Reverbs

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Happy Nerding FX Aid now features two new reverb algorithms that are inspired by the EarthQuaker Devices Transmisser pedal.

Eurorack or pedal, when it comes to effects, both user groups have the same needs. Effects that sound good, versatile, and unique. Happy Nerding FX Aid is an affordable module that offers just that. Over 100 great-sounding, flexible stereo effects in just 4HP or in 6HP with additional CV inputs.

Already in February, Igor from HN added numerous new effects and tools to the module. Now you get two new reverbs. Yes, you can never have enough reverbs.

Happy Nerding FX Aid Transmisser

Happy Nerding FX Aid EarthQuaker Devices Transmisser

Happy Nerding has once again packed new algorithms into the FX Aid. This time there are two new reverbs that are inspired by the discontinued  EartherQuaker Devices  Transmisser pedal. Transmisser is a modulated reverb with extra-long decay fed to a highly resonant filter.

The new algorithms are named Reverb Transmitter and Reverb Transmitter Warp. These further expand the selection of effects. Currently, you can find over 100 algorithms including various reverbs, delays, filters but also tools such as modulators.

Both reverbs are available as free addons from the Happy Nerding FX Aid web app. FX Aid is available now for 170€+VAT and FX Aid XL for 199€ + VAT.

More information here: Happy Nerding

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