2hp Lunchbox, Eurorack Case For Picnic Modular Synth Sessions Out Now

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2hp Lunchbox is a cute, powered Eurorack case with 42HP width in the form of an old-school lunchbox, presented at NAMM 2020 and available now. 

NAMM 2020 was an experiment for me as a content creator. Instead of producing news videos like almost everyone, I tried to bring the brilliant developers behind our favorite instruments into the focus. Many of these developers have fascinating stories to tell. Often hidden form us because most of the time NAMM videos focus on the news instead of the developers. What is is new, what costs, and when it will be available, every developer who visits NAMM knows these questions.

One of the developers I focused on was Stephen Hensley from the young Eurorack company 2hp. At NAMM 2020 Stephen presented, among other things, the Lunchbox, a cute little Eurorack case that has the shape of an old-school bread box. The current pandemic delayed the development & production so that the case only hit retailers this year. The Lunchbox series is finally available and I think it’s a good opportunity to take a second look at these new cases.

2hp Lunchbox

2hp Lunchbox

Anyone who has taken their modular system to a session knows exactly how cumbersome it is to transport. Heavy case, lots of cables, power supply, etc. Stephen Hensely from 2hp has developed with the LB one of the most compact versions of a Eurorack case, in addition to the excellent 4ms pods. Lunchbox is a complete, powered case hidden in an old-school lunchbox with a handle that is perfect for your next picnic modular session.

The case has a width of 42HP, depth of 72mm and features a built-in 4HP power supply with flying bus cables that offers +12V @ 1.5A, -12V @ 1.3A, +5V @ 1.5A. It includes a power brick. 42HP is not a lot of space, but if you equip it with only 2HP modules you will get a nice little setup.

2hp offers the Lunchbox alone as a powered case or in various versions that come preinstalled with different 2HP modules:

  • Picnic Basket – flagship version with three voices (Pluck, VCO & Kick, MMF, ADSR, Rnd, Verb & Seq)
  • Synth Voice – subtractive synth setup with VCO, MMF, ADSR, and VCA
  • Drum Machine – Kick, Snare, Hat, Mix
  • Effects Rack – Grain, Verb, Delay, Freeze

My favorite is here the effects rack because it has the most exciting, creative modules on board. If you want to dive deeper in the 2hp world, check out my interview with Stephen.

NAMM 2020 Presentation & Interview

2hp NPF, The No Pass Filter For April 1st

Stephen also understands a lot of humor and shows it with his unrivaled modules that are published for special events.  Cats was a synth voice that emulated the sound of cats. This came for Halloween 2018. For the first of April 2021, he showed the No Pass Filter, an all-analog, infinite dB slope passive filter that will pull the tones you love out of your patch.

He says: “designed with others in mind, NPF is the perfect gift for your producer partner, transforming their “fire patch” into tranquil bliss.” Funny idea for a module that was unfortunately only available for purchase on April 1st.

2hp Lunchbox is available now. Picnic Basket costs $999, Synth Voice $499, Drum Machine $549, Effects Rack $599, and powered LB without modules $199. It ships with 10 patch cables, and a Zero HP multiple.

More information here: 2hp

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