SynTesla IV Grallophone, Steampunk Synthesizer By Oliver Grall & Pierre Jean Tardiveau

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SynTesla IV Grallophone is an impressive DIY multi-engine Synthesizer in a steampunk look from Oliver Grall & Pierre Jean Tardiveau.

I have already drawn attention to the fascinating work of Pierre Jean Tardiveau in the past. The SynTesla I or II are, for example, repacked Waldorf Synthesizers with more controls and completely new designs. However, these new designs are not banal, they are works of art that are strongly based on the steampunk world.

With the SynTesla IV aka Grallophone, there is a new project made in collaboration with Oliver Grall. And yes, it’s another lovely steampunk Synthesizer.

SynTesla IV Grallophone

SynTesla IV Grallophone

Pierre Jean Tardiveau uses well-known synthesizers for his SynTesla projects. Up until now, it was often Waldorf products such as Rocket or Streichfett string machine. It is not yet known which synths are built into the newest project SynTesla IV.

According to his Instagram page, the SynTesla IV features a polyphonic Synthesizer, string machine, monophonic synth, ribbon synth, synth diffusor, a multi-fx processor with 16 effects, and an embed mixer. All this is built-in a stunning wooden case with two keyboards, ribbon controller, large knobs, eye-catching level indicators, and more.

The SynTesla projects are not revolutionary new synthesizers but true works of art that arise from known instruments. I’m sure the designs will polarize the community. Some will love them, others will not. I love them because they are impressive and even find the steampunk world fascinating. And compared to the classic synths we discuss every day on social media or even here, these designs are refreshing new. Lovely work Pierre and Oliver.

More information here: Pierre Jean Tardiveau IG

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