EarthQuaker Devices Ledges, a tri-dimensional reverb machine pedal with presets

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EarthQuaker Devices Ledges packs a feature-rich reverb engine with three modes, and six recallable presets in a compact pedal. 

Guitarists and Synthesizer players have one thing in common. Both musicians can’t get enough reverbs. With the sheer masses of reverbs, from super cheap to super-premium, it’s hard to keep track of what’s out there. And nothing will change here. New ones are added almost every week.

EarthQuaker Devices has added another reverb pedal to its portfolio today. Please welcome Ledges.

EarthQuaker Devices Ledges


EarthQuaker Devices Ledges is a new mono reverb pedal and is described as a tri-dimensional reverberation machine. It’s a compact pedal in which the developers have squeezed a lot of functionality.

Ledges features three reverb modes:

  • room: from small, boxy from sounds up to bigger room emulations
  • hall: the journey goes from a Cathedral-style reverb to a really big, boomy, and echoey with distant reflections
  • plate. classic plate sounds up to bouncy reflections that recycle and reverberate forever.

EarthQuaker Devices Ledges

They cover more of the classic areas. So don’t expect wild timbres with granular or so. The algorithms are switchable with a three-way toggle switch in the center of the pedal and have different parameters. It has very straightforward controls for the length, mix, and dampening.

There is also a six-way rotary knob and a button for presets, allowing you to save up to six presets right in the pedal with instant recall ability. The same button allows you to switch between presets and live modes.

You get a mono input/output and a customizable expression control input on the connection side. You can use any TRS expression pedal to control the length, damping, or mix. Plus, you can use control voltage (0-3.3v) and save these settings in the presets.

First Impression

Looks like a very solid, classic reverb. The first sound demos are available and can convince. I’m glad that there are also demos with synth sounds. It’s a pity that it’s a mono-to-mono pedal again.

EarthQuaker Devices Ledges is available now for $199/249€ worldwide.

More information here: EarthQuaker Devices

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