Bastl Instruments Intros Standalone MIDI Looper & Stereo Filter For Eurorack

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At Superbooth 20 Home Edition, Bastl Instruments shows a pocket-sized standalone MIDI Looper and a new stereo analog filter for Eurorack made in collaboration with Casper Electronics.

Bastl Instruments today launched two new products for the Superbooth 20 Home Edition. First, there is a new compact MIDI Looper that is specially designed to capture quick ideas and to use it live. Václav’s new development relies on MIDI data and not on audio because it is important to him to continue to have access to the parameters of an instrument, which is not possible with audio.

Bastl Instruments MIDI Looper

MIDI Looper Not A Sequencer

Important here is that it’s not a sequencer but a live looper. That’s the reason also why it doesn’t offer a very large storage space for loops. You can store loops inside the device but it’s limited. On the backside, you have a MIDI input, two MIDI outputs, MIDI clock in, reset, and a USB connection for power. Cool, it also has several CV inputs that can affects per example the velocity or other parameters.

Bastl Instruments MIDI Looper.

Stereo Filter

In addition to the MIDI Looper, there is also a new collaboration with the musician and electronic wizard Peter Edwards from Casper Electronics. It’s a new stereo analog filter (big thing at SB20HE) with packed in the lovely Casper Bastl black finish. If you turn the cutoff of the filter to the left, you have a lowpass, to the right you have a highpass. With a stereo knob, you can also detune the left and right channels in an interesting way to get these unique stereo filtering effects.

It becomes more interesting if you only use the left output. Here both filters are mixed to the left channel and you get a kind of formant filter aka a filter with two resonant peaks. With this, you can create some very unique vocal-like effects. Besides the stereo inputs and outputs, there is also a beyond output that is a subtraction of both channels. Further, it has a built-in output VCA and an envelope follower with three decay times (slow, mid, fast) that gives you an option to stereo modulate the filter for example.

Bastl Instruments MIDI Looper will be available in May for 239€ (excl. VAT). The new stereo filter is planned for a summer release.

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