Cem Olcay LoopBud, New AUv3 MIDI Recorder & Looper For iOS

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Cem Olcay LoopBud is a new hands-on AUv3 MIDI recorder and looper for iOS (iPhone/iPad) with many creative features. 

Cem Olcay is a developer of numerous beautiful AUv3 MIDI processor apps in the AppStore which are on the one hand very powerful but on the other hand also very affordable. For me, they are almost a must-have when working with AUv3.

LoopBud is the latest addition to its growing MIDI “Bud” range.

Cem Olcay LoopBud

Cem Olcay LoopBud

LoopBud is an easy-to-use AUv3 MIDI recorder and looper app with many deep functions. One advantage of the app is that it is not limited to classic 4 bar patterns. It allows you to use an unlimited number of bars on each pattern. You can record notes in two modes, “add mode” and “new mode”.  The add mode keeps adding new notes on each loop-cycle. The second clear out the previous recording and lets you record freshly on each cycle. Another clever features are the ability to record or loop a single bar for just put the focus on a single bar.

The app is feature-rich but the developer guarantees that the workflow is super fast and, thanks to a “undo” function, mistakes can be corrected quickly. Loopcloud has either quantization enabled by default including control of the level or without. Besides flexible quantization, you can change the clock instantly with a simple press of the clock button. Further, you can edit the piano roll’s low and highest notes in the menu settings. A shame, notes on the piano roll are not editable but you can export your notes as a MIDI file to your favorite DAW.

Attention: LoopBud is not an audio app, it’s a MIDI app. You need to connect a MIDI input and a MIDI output for LoopBud to work. Last but not least, it also supports Ableton Link in the standalone app.

At first look, a clever and easy-to-use MIDI recorder and looper app for iPhone/iPad.

Cem Olcay LoopBud is available now for $4.99 on the Apple AppStore.

More information here: Cem Olcay

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