Modal Electronics Teases A New “Blue” Hardware Synthesizer

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At SynthFest 2020, Modal Electronics has released a video with a look back at their history and with the first teaser of a new unknown blue hardware Synthesizer.

September and October are hot months for Synthesizer news. Especially companies from the UK are really active on the last day. In addition to Novation with its possible AFX Station Synthesizer, Modal Electronics has a new mysterious blue instrument in the pipeline.

You can get a first look at the device in a teaser video that was published exclusively at the SynthFest 2020 live stream. The developers don’t tell us much about this blue synthesizer, except that the story continues in November 2020. That is probably the moment when the synth celebrates its premiere.

Modal Electronics blue

If you look closely at the picture, it reminds you of the keyboard version of the Argon8 wavetable Synthesizer. Especially the layout of the knobs and screens is very similar to the previous digital synth of the company.

Unfortunately, you can’t see much. The most exciting question for us is which synthesis is built into this device. I can’t imagine another Modal wavetable synth. Possibly a larger version of the virtual analog engine from the Skulpt or a new approach to FM synthesis. A lot is possible, but I guess it will go again digital, as this is Modal Electronics’ specialty. We will find out no later than November.

More information will follow here: Modal Electronics 

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