Conductive Labs MRCC, All-In-One MIDI Router Control Center Is About To Be Released

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The Conductive Labs MRCC is an all-in-one MIDI interface for advanced MIDI routing, filtering, clocking & more and is almost ready to ship.

Already in 2019, I reported about the new project MRCC from Conductive Labs, which became known through the NDLR sequenced arpeggiator. Looks like a power strip, but the MRCC is a very handy MIDI interface that shouldn’t actually have that name. Due to its very large feature density, it’s a true MIDI router & control center for your hardware equipment.

After almost two years of development, the MRCC is now close to the official release. Conductive Labs is talking about an March release for the Kickstarter supporters.

Conductive Labs MRCC

Conductive Labs MRCC

The MRCC is ideal for small but also large studios. Ideal for musicians who have many synthesizers, drum machines, samplers… connected directly to the DAW via MIDI. MIDI sockets are available in various designs, the MRCC is prepared for every situation. MIDI on 5-pin DIN (5 ins/10 outs), on 3.5mm TRS (2×1 pair2 in/2x pair2 out), 4x USB 2.0 host ports, 1x USB 2.0 device port (PC or iPad) with 12 USB MIDI virtual in/outs. Plus you get on the output side 1 USB MIDI interface port to PC or iPad. No one should say there are too few connections, this is a paradise for MIDI friends.

The design is also interesting. Unlike classic MIDI interfaces, the cables plug vertically into the top panel and on the backside. According to the developer, this frees up valuable table space. This is true, but the device does not work wirelessly, so the cables are on the table or elsewhere, with which the famous cable salad is postponed but not resolved. Each socket is labeled so that you can immediately see where the signal is going and whether it is routed or filtered.

Conductive Labs MRCC

The Inside Is Big

Conductive Labs is not only generous with the connections but also with the features that are hidden inside the software. The developers promise MIDI filters as well as modifiers that are available including clock, CC, MIDI Program Chance, keyboard layer & split & more.

  • Message filters – Clock, Note on/off, CC, Program Change, & Stop/Start/Continue. Filter by Routing, Input, or Output.
  • Modifiers – Channel Mapping, Velocity Scaling, CC Scaling and Mapping, Keyboard Layer and Split, Transpose, Alter (Random & Probability)

What I, unfortunately, find a shame, again a big MIDI all-in-one solution without Ableton Link support. It would be a killer feature in combination with Link-enabled DAWs. MRCC would need a wireless module for this, which according to my information it doesn’t have. Then, it also offers the ability to save/load up to 127 presets, label ports, monitor MIDI messages, and visualize your MIDI information. Further, you have a built-in arpeggiator that is controllable via MIDI CC, MIDI clock, CV clock out, and “Light Show” motifs.

This means, it can clock your gear, host your MIDI controllers, can act as a 12 in/12 out USB MIDI interface and more in one single device.

Full Control

On the right, MRCC features a sharp color OLED display for advanced tasks. It has a tabs and folder style UI that can be navigaed using the cursor buttons and encoder. Once set, you can save the settings in the device memory and recall it later. All this with no PC or Mac app.The optional MRCC Remote provides a convenient, clean solution for getting MIDI outputs to a remote location, such as into a 19″ rack or to your keyboard stand. The Remote is connected to MRCC with a single shielded Ethernet cable, eliminating a bundle of MIDI cables.


MRCC has a anodized aluminum enclosure and comes with desktop end-caps. 2U rackmount end-caps are available separately. The unit is powerd by USB-PD (power delivery) with a USB C connector and includes a power switch & stand-by button. Talking about USB, the host ports provide up to 500mA per port as per USB spec.

At first glance a very solid MIDI interface. It offers a lot, the USB hosts and the additional modifiers are nice additions.

Conductive Labs MRCC is available now for pre-order for $379 USD instead of $429.99 USD. Shipping starts in March for the Kickstarter pre-ordere. If you pre-order it now via Backerit, they estimate shipping in April.

More information here: Conductive Labs 

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