Conductive Labs MRCC, Massive 11 In & 21 Out MIDI Router With Smart Features Now On Kickstarter

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Conductive Labs MRCC is a new massive 11 inputs/21 outputs MIDI router with smart features from the developers of the NDLR Super Arpeggiator.

Conductive Labs, developers of the NDLR Super Arpeggiator has today launched the Kickstarter campaign of the MIDI Router Control Center (MRCC). They describe it as a modern reinvention of the MIDI router with a big set of smart features.

The MRCC offers in total 11 inputs and 21 outputs including DIN MIDI, 3.5mm MIDI, and USB connectivity, and lets you route and manipulate MIDI signals in many ways. Per example, you can route MIDI paths and configure MIDI filters very easily with the full-color LEDs. In total, the MRCC looks like an impressive MIDI control center for hardware-based setups.

MRCC Description

Conductive Labs does it again! In 2018 was delivered and continue to sell the NDLR after a successful Kickstarter launch. Now we are reinventing the MIDI router. The MRCC (MIDI Router Control Center) is a fresh approach: configurable routing and filtering, graphical UI on an OLED display, full color LEDs, preset memory and MIDI diagnostics to make setting up your rig or studio fast and easy. 

Conductive Labs MRCC

New & Old Style I/O

MRCC has ton of input and output options: old school 5-Pin, DIN, trendy 3.5mm (in both flavors), USB hosts ports to connect “modern” controllers for DAW-less jamming, and USB device port with virtual cables to connect several standalone software synths on your PC or tablet. 

Physical Connectors

  • Inputs: 5x 5-Pin Din, 2x pair of jack-selectable 3.5mm TRS, 4x USB host, 1x USB-device (from PC)
  • Outputs: 12x 5-Pin Din, 2x pair of shared (thru) 3.5mm TRS, 4x USB host, 1x USB device (to PC).

The USB 2.0 host controller provides power up to 500mA/port. 1st pair is jack-selectable w/one of the 5-Pin Din jacks. Type A & B to support both 3.5mm MIDI formats. 16 virtual MIDI cables. 

Conductive Labs MRCC

Routing & Configuring

Routing MIDI paths and configuring MIDI filters is easy with the full-color LEDs and the one button per input/one button per output front panel layout. For more complex tasks use the graphical UI on the sharp color OLED display. Using the tabs and folders UI with the cursor buttons and encoder makes complex actions simple. Once the MRCC is configured, save it to memory for recall later. All this with no confusing PC app.

User-Centered Design

All MIDI cables plug vertically into the top panel with frees up valuable table space. The top panel graphics connect each button-jack pair so you know exactly which device your routing or filtering. The optional MRCC-Remote replicates 7 MIDI 5-Pin DIN outputs via a single ethernet cable so you can consolidate cable runs i.e. dest to rack.

Physical Dims

The MRCC is 16″ (405mm) wide x 3,5″ (90mm) deep x 2″ (50mm) tall. Two styles are available: desktop & 2U 19″ rack-mount. We’d love to hear which style you’d prefer!

Conductive Labs MRCC is available now for pre-order via Kickstarter starting at $249 USD.

More information here: Conductive Labs 

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  1. Thank you for sharing our Kickstarter campaign for MRCC! We are really grateful for the support, and the numbers show there is a keen interest for a modern deluxe MIDI router with classic one button per port routing, USB host ports and PC connection.

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