G-Storm Electro Delta VCF, Korg Delta/Poly-61 Filter For Eurorack

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G-Storm Electro Delta VCF is a Eurorack adaption of the Korg Delta & Poly-61 analog filter expanded with a 2-pole version.

Minimoog, Prophet … legendary synthesizers from the past. True classics. In the past, there were also synthesizers that were very different and still are today. For example the Korg Delta, an analog paraphonic synth/string machine with a unique sound.

The filter of this Delta is available for Eurorack and of course, it comes from G-Storm Electro from the US. The developer is known for Eurorack adaptations of various classics.

G-Storm Electro Delta VCF

G-Storm Electro Delta VCF

The Delta VCF (8HP) uses a circuit that combines OTA chips and transistors. Like the original Korg Delta 0r the Poly-61, it features a switchable lowpass and bandpass section. Unlike the originals, the module features not only the classic 4-pole but also a new switchable 2-pole version. The illuminated cutoff and resonance sliders on the first part of the module give you full control over the filter.

The module offers two CV inputs with which you can modulate the filter cutoff frequency. Each CV input has a dedicated attenuator knob. The filter has two audio inputs but only one mono output. Thanks to its mixer functionality, you can mix two different inputs to a final mix signal. At full MIX pot setting counter clockwise or clockwise, these inputs can overdrive the filter.

The advantage of the Delta filter relies on the circuitry. Unlike other filters, it doesn’t thin out the bass range with increased resonance


The G-Storm Electro version is perfect for everyone who loves to try out the Korg Delta /Poly-61 filter in modular but without buying the big hardware.

G-Storm Electro Delta VCF is available now for 120,62€ (+ shipping + taxes for EU) from the official Reverb.com store.

More information here: G-Storm Electro

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