Algoritm, 9 Operator FM Synthesizer For The Reason Rack

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Reason Studios makes FM synthesis easy and accessible with its new Algoritm Synthesizer rack extension powered by 9 operators

FM Synthesis is trendy. Sounds strange, but that’s how it is. The Sonicware LIVEN XFM groovebox, the Korg opsix, Twisted Electrons MEGAfm… to name just a few new FM Synthesizer from 2020/2021. The same applies to software and yes we can say FM is back.

However, one thing can be seen. All these releases have said goodbye to the classic DX-7 scheme and started elsewhere. The focus is much more on an accessible FM workflow, hands-on control but also expanded functionalities. Reason Studios is now showing an Algoritm FM Synthesizer for the Reason Rack that does just that. Don’t complicate FM, but simplify it.


Reason Studios Algoritm

Even if the synth is called Algoritm, it does not rely on the well-known FM algorithms that follow almost our entire life. Algoritm uses a patchable FM matrix in which one can freely patch the operators together. A bit like a modular synthesizer but far more straightforward. This gives the user the freedom not only to use the operators as one wants but gives you instant feedback on which impact one operator has on another.

The operators are also a bit different. Yes, you have the classic sine tone, but you also get a wavetable oscillator, shapers, filter & more. Much that you don’t know from classic FM synthesis. But something that happens more and more now. The revolution of FM Synthesis? However, something remains classic: each operator has its ADSR envelope. Then, you get two fully-customizable envelopes named curves and three LFOs that set the parameters and especially the operators in motion.

Further, you get a modulation matrix, a randomization engine, and some effects like distortion, resonator, delay, reverb, and more. Algoritm ships with over 250 high-quality sound patches which give you a little overview of what the synth can do. And definitely not just the well-known shiny bell, keys … sounds that we have known for 20+ years.

Turn2On with the WTFM already showed us a similar Synthesizer for the Reason Rack in which wavetables are mixed with FM synthesis. But what Reason Studios does better with Algoritm is the visual and the workflow. It’s quick and easy to understand. The RE does not require deep DX algorithm knowledge. This is implemented very playfully, which makes the whole thing clearly more accessible.

Algorithm looks like an exciting synthesizer. Do not forget. Thanks to the Reason Rack plugin, you can also use it as a VST / AU / AAX plug-in in Ableton Live, Logic Pro, and other DAWs.

Algorithm FM Synthesizer is available for 109€ as a permanent license, for $9.99 USD rent-to-own, or as part of the Reason+ subscription.

More information here: Reason Studios

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  1. Algoritm seem very cool indeed. FM for the future. Maybe of less concern, but Envelopes are different than traditional DX. Wonder what that mean for compatibility with DX patches. There are several alternatives for that. Though recently, PX7 have disappeared from the Reason shop. A statement elsewhere said something about that it was removed due to being a licensed software and that it was developed by a third party for Propellerheads at the time. Anyone have any idea who that developer is?

    • I am Asking the same thing.
      I want to recreate DX-7 Sounds in Algoritm and i am looking now for a way to use Stock instruments to generate Envelopes.

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