Erica Synths Intros Pico Drum2, Percussive Synthesizer With 8 Algorithms In Just 3HP

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Roll backwards in the concept, the new Erica Synths Pico Drum2 is no longer sample-based but a versatile drum Synthesizer module powered by 8 algorithms.

For the Pico Drum2, Erica Synths completely changed the concept of the predecessor and replaced the sample architecture with pure synthesis. Pico Drum2 is now a versatile digital percussive Synthesizer module with 3HP that is powered by 8 different algorithms.

Each of the 8 drum algorithms (pulse fold, complex pulse, complex sine, space snare, noise crush, fold 2, slap) is specially optimized to specific sounds. One goes away from ready-made sounds (samples) and turns the module into a deep sound design-oriented module. Each algorithm offers three CV-controllable parameters but you can only control one at the same time. Further, you can control with CV the algorithm switching for fast changes during live performances.

Erica Synths Pico Drum2

It is important that PD2 does not try to reproduce the sound of PD1, it is a completely new drum module with multiple characters.


  • 8 percussion algorithms
  • 3 parameters per algorithm
  • 1V/Oct tracking
  • CV control over all parameters
  • CV controlled algorithm switching
  • Input protection against over voltage
  • Protection against reverse PSU connection

Erica Synths Pico Drums2 is available now for 120€ (+21% VAT for individual customers in EU without EU VAT registration number + shipping).

More information here: ES

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