Meng Qi Wingie, Wing Pinger’s Little Brother Is A Handheld Stereo Resonator

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Meng Qi Wingie is the Wing Pinger resonator Synthesizer for everyone in pocket size, perfect for deep sonic explorations on the go or in the studio. 

The Wing Pinger by Meng Qi was part of my best experimental synthesizer releases 2020 article. A synth that uses two filters as oscillators and makes them resonate through various methods, aka ping. Thanks to the clever design and layout, you travel through bright, magical sounds to infinite feedback noisescapes in no time. A very expressive Synthesizer that fits perfectly into experimental music.

What few people know, the Winger Pinger has a cute, little brother, the Wingie. 

Menq Qi Wingie

Meng Qi Wingie

Wingie is a handheld stereo resonator with a built-in microphone powered by a USB-C jack. It has two tiny built-in microphones that you can interact with. Sing into the device or let it communicate with the environment, Wingie emits lovely, rich-harmonic sounds. You can also play it like a percussive instrument and create crazy acoustic feedback with your speakers. Thanks to its portable size, Wingie is a resonator for on the go.

Meng Qi has thought out the device very well and built-in some very nice additional functions. For example, it comes with a stereo line input with which you can work with the rest of the arsenal. With the dual headphone out you can let your friends participate in the resonating experience or use it for creating feedback loops. MQ says: “whatever equipment you have now, Wingie can give you a whole new way of hearing it.”

Alternative Firmware

The synth is not just a cut experimental sound tool but also a development board. Thus the USB-C jack also works for updating the chip and data transfer. MQ has developed the device in such a way that talented developers can write their own firmware for it. Therefore it’s also a development kit for other unique instruments.

Wingie is another great project by Meng Qi. Not as complex as the Winger Pinger but certainly an exciting lush noise-making device. I like that it is a device that is very customizable. You don’t need to learn it from a manual, it invites you to experiment freely straight out of the box. Everyone will use the device in their own way. Whether as an experimental synth, crazy feedback generator… a lot is possible. This approach is great. 

Meng Qi Wingie is available now for 106€.

More information here: Meng Qi 

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