Korg wavestate SE, 61-Key Version Of Wave Sequencing With Aftertouch

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Korg reacts to the Wavestate criticism, puts its complex Wavestate wave sequencing engine in a new SE housing with a keyboard with 61-keys with aftertouch

Korg has been making beautiful digital synthesizers since last year. Wavestate, OPSIX, and now for NAMM 2021 the modwave wavetable Synthesizer. There are two negative points that have been heard a lot in the past few months: the rather unsexy plastic housing and the lack of aftertouch. This was also one of my criticisms in my OPSIX review. 

I personally never understood this decision of the Korg developers. Great synth engine but implemented in rather half-heartedly keyboards. But it seems that the negative points have reached those responsible. Korg has today teased the Wavestate SE, a new version with more keys and improved design.  They hunt for the ghosts they have created themselves, that’s very good.

Korg Wavestate SE

Korg wavestate SE

The biggest difference of the Wavestate SE will be the format. Now with 61-keys with aftertouch. Yes with aftertouch, thanks Korg. It will also feature a new set of internal programs and the existing ones will be optimized for aftertouch. Also, the case got a major design upgrade. It will have a more solid housing, aluminum panel, and panels.

This is how it should be at Korg, this is what a new generation Wavestation aka Wavestate should look like. You can only ask them why not with this design from the beginning. A sophisticated engine like this lives from aftertouch. It opens up a new sonic layer and expands the possibilities massively. Hopefully, we will see the OPSIX and the modwave in future also in these bigger versions. 

Korg Wavestate SE is still in development and date/price TBA.

More information here: Korg 

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  1. These are great improvements, but since there is a lot of menu diving involved in making wavestate sound synthesis, it would be an opportunity to use the blank surfaces for additional controls, like Novation did with the Summit versus Peak.

    • This! Exactly this. Korg is the company of missed opportunities. Now there is a tone of unused space. They could add controls or a big ass touch screen… if the only plus is 2 octaves and AT, then an expender version would better, so everyone can use the KB they want.

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