Mute 4.0 Synth: Wavetable, Analog Noise, Battery Powered & Very Experimental!

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Mute 4.0 Synth is battery powered, based on a combination of wavetable synthesis & analog noise circuit, hackable and a perfect instrument for crazy sounds!

Even if classical Synthesizers dominate the market, it is always nice to have experimental instruments in hand. With these you may not be able to play the next synth pop hit but create very nice crazy sounds. One of these is the original Mute Synth developed by John Richardson from Dirty Electronics in collaboration with Daniel Miller from Mute Records in 2011. 7 years later, the Mute Synth is back in the fourth version and has received new features.

The new Mute 4 Synth is a digital wavetable Synthesizer with inputs, an analogue noise circuit, a sequencer as well as battery-powered. It has also a filter,  LFO and control voltage input. Very cool is here it’s expandable with new chips that are developed by Dirty Electronics that gives you new waveforms. Unfortunately, there is no sound demo available of the new Mute 4 synth. If it goes in the same direction as the first version, we expect again a very noisy and experimental instrument perfect for creating crazy sounds.


The new Mute / Dirty Electronics MUTE 4.0 SYNTH is a synth with inputs, a digital wavetable synthesiser, an analogue noise circuit, and programmable sequencer. These features can all be combined in an environment to experiment with sound. Being hand-held, battery-powered and with headphone and line out, the synth is ideal for music making on the move as well as in the studio. At a turn of a knob and press of a button, sequences, control voltages, and cut-up loops can be programmed; or listen to the Voltage Collection by Dirty Electronics.

The MUTE 4.0 POCKET SYNTH is the on-going research by Dirty Electronics into making music with wires and code, objects and materials; and an artwork printed circuit board collaboration with Adrian Shaughnessy and Regular Practice. Printed circuit board meets album cover.

It doesn’t stop there. Expand the Pocket Synth with a limited edition chip by Dirty Electronics and Max Wainwright with mangled waveforms and accompanying fold-out booklet on microcomputer music.


  • Two inputs/mixer
  • Cut-up – brassage (programmable)
  • Sequencer (programmable)
  • On-board wavetable synth (select sounds and algorithms)
  • Noise circuit
  • Filter (VCF) – bandpass/lowpass + resonance
  • LFO
  • Portamento
  • Control voltages +5v (programmable x5)
  • Touch and knob/pot controls
  • External sync
  • Battery powered (9v)
  • Headphone/line out
  • Artwork PCB
  • Hackable
  • Expandable – chip releases

The Mute 4 Synth will be available on December 7th, 2018 for a price of £89 from the Mute Bank web shop.

More information here: Mute Bank

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