Bastl Instruments previews Softpop 2, experimental analog Synthesizer

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Bastl Instruments previews Softpop 2, the 2nd gen of its organic experimental analog Synthesizer with a full release on January 5th, 2022.

The Synthesizer market is colorful and large. Many synth creations are great successes, others often fly under the radar. The experimental synths often have a more difficult time on the market, as they often have very special, unusual concepts that challenges musicians and sonic explorers.

A nice example is the Bastl Instruments Softpop, a very wild, organic patchable analog Synthesizer in collaboration with Casper Electronics premiered in 2017. It has two triangle-core VCOs, a state variable filter, built-in looping patterns, crazy modulation options, and more.

Bastl Instruments Softpop 2 preview

The operation as well as the sound are very special. A bleeps and bloops machine in a class of its own. Softpop 1 is able to create very organic sounds, with very smooth envelopes. The result sounds like analog soap bubbles made by wild modulations… Something not possible with classic analog synths. And now Bastl Instruments is working on a successor.

Bastl Instruments Softpop 2

Today, Bastl Instruments previews the Softpop 2 in a short video. It’s going to be a big update. Starting with a Eurorack compatible patch matrix with tons of patching options. Yes, no more mini patch cables. There is also a new expanded gate sequencer on the left side as well as more buttons.

The faders will remain part of the Softpop 2 design which is very positive. And of course the big LED is also again onboard giving you visual feedback of your wild modulations.

A very exciting further development of an utterly unique analog Synthesizer. I’m really looking forward to all of the new features.

Bastl Instruments Softpop

Some time ago I did a longer sound demo of the original Softpop Synthesizer. This gives you an overview of the character of the synth.

All details will follow on January 5th, 2022 when Bastl Instruments presents Softpop 2.

More information will follow here: Bastl Instruments

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  1. Yeah!! That patchbay Looks like a nice upgrade from the original softpop. I wonder if the circuitry its been also upgraded.

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