UVI Program 24, New Virtual Instrument Captures The Solton Programmer 24 Spirit

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UVI Program 24 captures the spirit of the Solton Programmer 24 & SM100 hybrid grooveboxes in a new virtual instrument for PC & Mac. 

UVI has today released Program 24, a new virtual instrument inspired by the Solton Programm 24 & SM100 from 1985. Both were programmable, hybrid (digital/analog) grooveboxes with a very distinctive character and mainly known for 80s Italo Disco songs.

The drum section used 8-bit samples while the Synthesizer featured an analog engine for the bassline and solo synth. This was joined by a polyphonic string-ensemble and organ both using a 3 BBD chorus.

UVI Program 24

UVI Program 24

Program 24 is not an emulation. UVI sampled the individual sounds in detail from the Programmer 24 & SM100 and embedded them into their well-known engine. They also added samples from contemporary machines such as the DMX, Linn, 808, and from their Drum Designer plugin. With this, you get enough flexibility to choose vintage or modern style kits.

In total, the library delivers a suite of 5 instruments including the famous 8-bit PCM rhythm section, analog-style bass & lead synths, strings & organs, and three accompaniment parts. All this is available in a powerful multi-instrument.

UVI Program 24

Editable Sounds

As in every UVI instrument, you can edit all sounds in detail. Users have full control over each instrument’s filters, envelopes, effects (EQ, drive, phaser), and effect send effects (reverb/delay). It also features a customizable arpeggiator with a built-in preset manager.

All sounds of the SM100 were recorded with and without the hardware chorus effect, allowing users to engage it just as you would on the real thing. That’s pretty handy. It ships with a massive selection of sounds that cover numerous styles such as Italo and modern disco, synthwave, electro, experimental, and more. Plus, you get a huge selection of vintage and modern MIDI drum sequencers with instant playback functionality or for your DAW via drag-and-drop.

UVI Program 24 is available now at an introductory price of $49/49€ through December 14th, 2020 (regularly $79/79€). Program 24 runs in 64-bit standalone in Falcon or in the free Workstation including VST/AU/AAX plugin support. It requires iLok.

More information here: UVI (partner link)

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