Error Instruments Liquid Glitcher, A Glitch & Noise Oscillator From Another World

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Error Instruments Liquid Glitcher is a glitching-noisy synth voice that turns your Eurorack system sonically upside down and makes it ready for noise adventures. 

Many have lost track of the Eurorack releases. Oscillators, filters, envelopes, there are new modules every day. Many of them are often based on the same chips (CEM 3340…). Reporting about each one is a bit boring and repeating, to be honest, as they often don’t do much differently. Error Instruments, for example, is a small Eurorack manufacturer from the Netherlands who is constantly conjuring crazy ideas into the fascinating Euro format.

The Liquid Glitcher is described as the only ultraviolence oscillator that says a lot about what you can look forward to here. It is an entire synth voice that hosts an oscillator/noise, sub-oscillator, LFO, lowpass gate, and clock divider for interesting, pulsating sequencers. Paul Tas, developer of EI says: it’s a module for small microsounds, glitchy deep sub-bass noise, or industrial rhythms. Everything a classic oscillator can’t achieve.

Error Instruments Liquid Glitcher

Error Instruments Liquid Glitcher

Liquid Glitcher’s front panel is lovely in my opinion. It has 4 knobs with which you can control this glitching/noise monster. It features two analog/digital hybrid oscillators that give you industrial, chaotic timbres around the clock. From gently broken-like timbres to complete chaos, this module is a tool for unusual sounds. Further, there is also a 1 CV input for each knob with which you can increase the level of craziness even more.

Then, you have an onboard lowpass gate that can be gated from external sources or via the two internal LFOs. This gated lowpass hurls your sounds in rhythm through further dimensions. Not insane enough? No problem! It also includes clock dividers on the bottom that routes your sounds in simple but also in new territories.

All of this is available in 16HP, which is not rack space-friendly at all. However, it is one of the craziest, experimental synth voices out there.

Glitching Soundscapes

Liquid Glitcher is capable of generating sound vinyl crackle, old type writers, heavy bases, and more. So everything you don’t necessarily want from an oscillator. The idea is brilliant because it brings new unknown timbres to the Eurorack world. I really love when Paul tries to break the growing need for perfect oscillator sounds (clean, stable…) with his releases.

More of the same ideas make the market bigger but also more boring to me. Who wants 4 3340 oscillators each with the same sound in the rack. I prefer to have different types of modules, each with different shaping possibilities.

Error Instruments Liquid Glitcher is available now for 339€ in the standard version or 349€ in the gold version.

More information here: Error Instruments

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