Error Instruments Invader Box, A Chiptune Synthesizer From Outer Space

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Error Instruments Invader Box is a battery-operated chiptune synthesizer of the special kind capable of creating a wide range of retro-gaming sounds

One cannot accuse Error Instruments from the Netherlands of not being productive in the Corona period. With Invader box, they show another cute-looking pocket Synthesizer that is and sound different. It’s a chiptune Synthesizer that can produce all kinds of chiptune (vintage video game) style noises, beeps, and glitches.

Like the last nice releases, Invader Box is also very small and has only three knobs that invite you to experiment with sounds. The unit offers a pair of buttons to step through the different algorithms and a CV input for controlling a parameter or multiple.

Invader Box

Besides the different algorithms, it includes also a granular synthesis modulation section. How this affects the sound can be heard in the sound demos

According to the developer, it’s a great synth for very experimental glitches, minimal blips, and micro-tones. It can be used with a 9v battery and offers a single mono output. At first look, it sounds like a very interesting experimental noise-making machines.

Error Instruments Invader Box is available now for 129€ (including 21% VAT)

More information here: Error Instruments

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