Superbooth 21, Berlin Synth Event Relocated To Nature & SOOPERgrail New Guitar Event

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Mr. Schneiders has two great news: Superbooth 21 will take place with a new concept in the FEZ nature area and with SOOPERgrail a new guitar event debuts next year.

We are currently in special times, nobody knows how this will continue. These times also call for changes in our lives. This also includes events, especially music tech events like the Superbooth 21. Mr. Schneider himself presented the new concept for the Superbooth 21 (05-08 May 2020). They are currently planning an event with the motto: Safety First Edition.

The biggest difference to a classic SB will be the location. Next year, manufacturers will not have their stands inside but in the outdoor area of the FEZ. Consequently, the FEZ main building will no longer be the main meeting point but only a kind of reception. Manufacturers will set up their colorful stands in the FEZ outdoor area in tents, wooden huts, etc. It will look like a big jamboree but instead of exploring the great outdoors, you will look for the hottest new synthesizers. A nice idea that Mr. Schneider has here. Since success is very dependent on the weather, don’t forget to pack your rubber boots.

Superbooth 21 Soopergrail

At the same moment, Andreas Schneider dropped a small bomb. In addition to the Superbooth, the SOOPERgrail will debut from April 30th to May 2nd. It’s a new guitar trade fair in the same atmosphere and location as the SB21. The organizers are already working on both events at full speed. Nobody can say whether they will take place 100%. That will depend on how the situation in the world and especially in Berlin will be in May 2021. We all hope that there will be a Superbooth next year.

Official Press Release

Here we go again, for real, seriously. From 5th to 8th of May 2021 a fulminant SUPERBOOTH21 will take place in the FEZ Berlin again. The trade fair for electronic musical instruments and music will then again present itself as a real event with a modern concept adapted to the new times, with attending guests and attractive exhibitors, almost as usual – with an additional day of events.

As a selective international representation of a special industry for creative tools, Superbooth Berlin GmbH will present for the first time in 2021 a second event with similar ambitions.

From April 30th to May 2nd, 2021 the FEZ Berlin will host SOOPERgrail, an international conference, trade fair and exhibition for guitar builders, luthiers, craftsmen, and other innovative manufacturers. For several years now, guitar builders and synthesizer manufacturers from all over Europe have been meeting regularly at their own events in Berlin. Events where people exchange ideas about craftsmanship, discuss remarkable products, present them, or sell them. Long before both events had to be reduced to the virtual world in 2020, the idea of a common, larger platform for musical instruments and their users was already under discussion.


Herr Schneider

We as organisizers (Superbooth Berlin GmbH) are looking forward to the coming year. We see the current situation as a challenge and change with the friendly support of the European Guitar Builders E.V., we now see the unique opportunity to prove that for a successful trade show it as to be about quality, not quantity.

Exhibitor and visitor numbers for the two events are strictly limited due to the changed circumstances. The well-known high quality of the discussions, meetings, concerts, demonstrations, and workshops can only benefit from this. The calmer environment should also improve the situation when testing and exploring the exhibited products. For absent manufacturers, special concepts for digital and interactive integration into the event are in the works.

Up to 150 exhibitors at SUPERBOOTH21 and 90 at SOOPERgrail meet a maximum of 500 visitors simultaneously in the building. Through a smart swap system, this number is doubled daily, allowing a total number of visitors of 4000 for SUPERBOOTH21 and 1000 for SOOPERgrail.

The hygiene concept for both events is already in the approval process. There are additional event areas in the green, further buildings around the FEZ Berlin and a space concept with tours and one-way routes through the exhibitions located in the buildings. This will ensure the most generous distribution of visitors on the exhibition grounds.

An additional exhibition day reserved only for the professional visitors of SUPERBOOTH21, as well as the Labour Day as conference afternoon, exclusively for exhibitors and invited guests of SOOPERgrail, support thereby the special character as a unique meeting and experience space for all participants.

What Remains To Be Said

This year, many of the previous exhibitors have helped SUPERBOOTH21 to stay within the realm of possibility, for which the Superbooth Team would like to express their most sincere thanks once again. All in all, SUPERBOOTH21 will be able to present itself internationally again, with a flexible and sustainable concept the organizers can react to changing circumstances.

We are slowly internalizing, individually and as a society, the routines that enable us to find a way to deal with the global pandemic. Concrete hygiene concepts are being tested, we are getting used to the changed way of dealing with each other and we now know better than in May 2020 how to behave in order to enable a safe social interaction. Until spring 2021 we will continue to learn and new insights will be incorporated into the planning of SUPERBOOTH21 and SOOPERgrail – for two safe and unforgettable events.

Limited tickets for Superbooth 21 will be available soon.

More information here: Superbooth 

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