808303.Studio, A Free 303 & 808 Based Groovebox For Your Web Browser

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808303.studio fuses the legendary Roland TR-808 drum machine & TB-303 bassline Synthesizer into a free groovebox app for your web browser. 

The Roland TR-808 drum machine and TB-303 are on the most influencial instruments in the history of electronic music. So that these instruments reach every musician/ not musician, both iconic instruments are now one click away, more precisely in a dedicated web browser app. Roland and Yuri Suzuki developed this new music online music creation platform called 808303.studio for “The Design Museum in Kensington, London”.

The initial concept was that vistitors play it  in the “Electronic: From Kraftwerk to the Chemical Brothers” exhibition. However, since pandemic times do not allow that, Roland took an other direction. They decided to remake the app with the designer and make it available online for free.


808303.studio features Roland’s innovative step sequencer technique from the past. Thanks to emulations of the TR-808 drum machine and TB-303 bassline synth, theory becomes practice. Users can virtually discover both instruments in their browser from anywhere. Both instruments sound good, autenthic and are fun.

Furthermore, the app includes a social media sharing function with which you can share your grooves socially with your friends and fans. You might be the next star in techno, or.  Not only is there a free browser app but also a good demo by a Guy Called Gerald.

808303.Studio is available now as a free browser-based app.

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