Common Ground, Berlin Synth Meetup Store Is Closing Down

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Koma Elektronik today announced the closing of its beloved Common Ground synth store & DIY meetup space in Berlin 

The year 2020 is probably one of the years that you would most like to forget or delete forever. In addition to many social areas, the music landscape has also been hit hard: no concerts, Synthesizer events (Superbooth …), or no meetups where communities can hang around. The Berlin Meetup Space Common Ground, which is operated by the development company Koma Elektronik is closing down. More precisely, this happened already on May 15th, 2020.

This difficult decision was made because sales declined and they are not able to organize any events, DIY workshops… due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. It is a shame to hear because the Common Ground was one of the largest meetup spaces for the Berlin synth DIY community. As a non-Berliner, I visited the shop every year for the Superbooth After Party. Here you met many manufacturers from SB in a very relaxed atmosphere with good live music. RIP Common Ground.

Common Ground

CG Is Closing Down

Dear all,

After 4 years of teaching workshops, organising concerts, meetups and hangouts and running our little shop we have to announce that we will be closing down Common Ground per May 15th 2020.

We have been running CG with a lot of love and passion, but with declining sales and the prospect of not being able to organise any workshops the coming months, we have decided it has been enough. CG has always been a sort of hobby side project of the KOMA Elektronik crew and in times like these we will need to focus on our main business: making synthesizers.

We will keep the Common Ground website up and running to sell most of the remaining stock.

We would like to thank you all for joining us at the workshops, for all of you who presented their setups, played concerts or just came by to hang out. Over the past four years Common Ground has become a community hotspot where everybody is welcome and we are very proud we could facilitate learning and we could give a stage to all those talented people. We would like to thank Evelyn, Bridget, Toni, Nicolas, Wouter, Christian and all the other workshop hosts who have done an amazing job the past years!

We wish you all the best, good health and a creative rest of 2020, stay strong, this epidemic will end. Make music and be with the people close to you.

The Common Ground Team

More information here: CG 

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