Erica Synths Black VCO 2, Classic Analog Expanded With New Shaping Options

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Erica Synths Has Broken Up Its Juicy-Sounding Black VCO Oscillator & Extended It In Version 2 With Shapers That Go Beyond Classic Analog Timbres

Black VCO2 is an all-analog VCO with four simultaneous waveform outputs. A built-in transistor-based sub-oscillator ensures that the sounds of the main oscillator become richer in volume and character. Thanks to its design, it will generate distinct, rounded square waves. This makes you forget the often harsher tone of classic sub oscillators.

It offers a unique saw waveshaper that shapes the sawtooth in other sonic directions. Two built-in LFOs ensure sufficient modulation power for the waveshapers. Plus a slider lets you activate linear or exponential FM and these can be precisely controlled with the help of an attenuator.

Erica Synths Black VCO 2

Additionally, the Black VCO 2 has an option to be expanded via the Black VCO expander that is essentially an advanced waveform mixer plus two octaves down sub-oscillators. Just an expander, but one that opens many new timbre doors.


  • Simultaneous sine, triangle, saw and pulse wave outputs
  • -1 octave suboscillator
  • Highly accurate and stable tracking across 8 octaves
  • Saw waveshaper with manual and CV control
  • Manually adjustable and CV controlled pulse width
  • Exponential/Linear FM input with an attenuator
  • 2 built-in modulation LFOs
  • Synchronization input
  • Octave switch – 7 octaves
  • Skiff-friendly design

In brief, Erica Synths has once again managed to expand one of their well-known modules nicely and useful. For 230 € (+21% VAT + shipping), Eurorack musicians get a versatile oscillator with a lot of character/charm and some features with which you can discover new analog characteristics.

More information here: Erica Synths

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