Tenderfoot Electronics SVF-1, Versatile State Variable Filter With Dirt At The Push Of A Button

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Tenderfoot Electronics SVF-1 is a new 8HP state variable filter for Eurorack that covers smooth buttery up to dirty timbres with a push of a button.

Peter Young is a British synth developer and is head of the young Eurorack focused company Tender Electronics. He recently announced the new SVF-1, a new state variable filter in 8HP. It offers classic filter controls: cutoff & resonance which are both CV controllable. The SVF-1 can also go nicely in self-oscillation when the resonance is turned up. This can also be used as a sine VCO when the a cable is plugged in the 1v/oct input.

The developer has come up with something extra dirty. Besides the addition drive circuit, the cutoff potentiometer has a button with two LEDs: pink for more polite and blue for less polite. If you push the button on the right site, the filter gets more character and gets dirtier

Tenderfoot Electronics SVF-1

On the module, all outputs are available simultaneously, this means lowpass, bandpass, highpass & notch.

At first glance a small but nice-sounding analog filter that offers many sound facets. From more classic to gritty up to very dirty.

Specs: 53 mA +12V, 53 mA -12V, 0mA 5V, 21 mm deep

Tenderfoot Electronics SVF-1 is available soon (late Summer 2020)

More information here: Tenderfood Electronics

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