DivKid Stereo Strip, a stereo processing module in collaboration with Befaco

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Befaco DivKid Stereo Strip is a stereo channel strip for the modular Eurorack world with clever additions turning it into a sound design & performance tool.

DivKid, the British YouTuber is known for his extensive, detailed Eurorack-themed videos. Whether manual, basic knowledge about patching or creative work with modules, DivKid has the answers to many questions.

For some time he has been developing his own modules with various companies. Including Mutes (Befaco), Ochd (Instruo), and RND STEP with Steady State Fate (SSF).  The focus is on unique module concepts that developers have not yet taken up. For his latest module he returns to the Barcelona-based module developer Befaco.

DivKid Stereo Strip

DivKid Stereo Strip

Stereo Strip is a new 6HP module that takes the idea of a studio desk channel strip to the modular world with DC-coupled stereo inputs/outputs for audio or CV. The module gives you the core features that you all know from a classic channel strip: level control, panning, and EQ. But if you approach the concept of a channel strip in a modular way, new possibilities open up.

The biggest difference from a classic design is the voltage control infusion in the whole circuit. This turns the simple stereo inputs/outputs into a stereo VCA. Then, the middle section of the module consists of an EQ with low, mid, and high settings. Don’t forget an EQ is a filter with which you can shape your signal. Perfect for manipulating frequencies.

Below the EQ is the pan section that is CV controllable with a dedicated attenuator. This makes interesting swirl effects possible. Next to this is a solid mute switch for instantly killing a signal. Plus it has a momentary mode handy for performances.

And at the bottom of the Stereo Strip module, you can find a big level knob with an extensive range. According to DivKid, it is optimized to work harmoniously with signals from various envelopes (5v, 8v, 10v). There are points on the module that helps you to set the pointer for each envelope level.

Mono, Stereo, And More Sound Design Options

That was not all. There is more to this somewhat inconspicuous channel strip for the Eurorack than meets the eye. Modular thinking makes it possible.

Using the small switch on the side, you can flip between Eurorack or line level. This also allows you to route external non-modular signals into the module. Thus it’s also an interface module that is also capable to send out classic line-level signals. Clever design.

Alternatively, if you use Eurorack levels, you can route the signals straight through the internal limiter using the same little switch. DivKid has also thought of all mono signal musicians. The module is basically designed for stereo operations, but it can also be used in different, exciting mono input setups. For example, as an mono-to-stereo strip or two individual mono strips.

Stereo Strip is a clever module with a lot of flexibility that is not immediately apparent at first glance. Only when you think “modular” do the possibilities unfold that you don’t have in a classic mixer. It’s definitely a stereo strip on steroids. Or in DivKid’s words:

It was designed to be a creative part of a modular patch. Creating stereo images from mono sources, shaping and modulating existing stereo images, synthesising stereo pseudo ring modulation, sweetening FX with EQ or drastically wave shaping your oscillators, creating send FX routings with benefits or it can simply be used as a channel strip at the end of chain in a patch.

Befaco DivKid Stereo Strip is available now for $219 USD, 224€ or £186.

More information here: Befaco DivKid 

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