SYNTH NEWS, Summary Of All Hardware & Software Synthesizer News From Last Week

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SYNTH NEWS summarizes the hardware, software (standalone, plugins…), and iOS Synthesizer news of the week as short as possible.

Every week there are a lot of synthesizer news. From new hardware synthesizers, drum machines, grooveboxes .. to software (plugins, apps …). Not to be lost in all these new announcements, the idea of Synth News came into being. It collects this information, takes out the most important, and packs it into an episode.

The focus is not only on the hottest hardware news (leaks…) but also on software like creative plugins or great iOS apps. The idea is simple: get an overview of everything that was important last week.

A new episode will be released every Monday (hopefully), which looks back on the past week. Thus, there is no news from the day of the release (Monday – Sunday). In this article, you can find every week the latest episode with all the synthesizer topics including the links to the full articles.  This week it’s time for episode 056

All Topics Of Episode 056

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