Pin Electronics Miasma, Analog Modular Synthesizer With A Digital Pin Matrix

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Pin Electronics Miasma is not an SYNTHI clone but a self-contained, discrete analog modular Synthesizer powered by a digital pin matrix.

The beloved pin matrix made famous by synthesizers like the EMS VCS3 is back in full swing. Erica Synths, for example, has modernized and digitalized them in his SYNTRX Synthesizer. Pin Electronics from Bremen (Germany), known for their EMS AKS SYNTHI replica Portabello, is now going the same way. Instead of using real pins, their new Miasma Synthesizer will have a virtual version.

Miasma looks like a mini EMS AKS SYNTHI with fewer features and more modern. However, it’s not a clone.

Pin Electronics Miasma


Miasma is a discrete analog Synthesizer with a single oscillator, filter, envelope, and two LFOs. The filter can also be used as a second oscillator in self-oscillation.  As already written, the modulation is done via a pin matrix. But not an analog one, but a virtual version that is operated with the help of a touch screen. It is not known whether the settings can be saved and called up again, i.e. like presets.

On the connection side, it has inputs for CV, Gate, and power supply and outputs for phone and line. External signals can be fed in via an audio input. The entire synthesizer is housed in a small case, which is also perfect to take with you everywhere. The name Miasma sounds like something big, but in reality, it looks cute. A synth you would like to have. I’m looking forward to more sound demos.

Pin Electronics Miasma will be available in Q2 2021 in a limited edition. Price TBA.

More information: Pin Electronics 

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  1. Actually Miasma is an Ancient greek word (μίασμα -ατος) and it’s the smell of something decomposing, rotten. Definitely not so cute as it looks. 🙂

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