UVI Shade, A Creative Plugin That Goes Beyond Classic Filtering & EQing

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UVI shows with Shade a creative filter plugin (PC/Mac) that goes beyond classic filtering & EQing thanks to its numerous shapes & powerful modulation system.

Filters are very important in the world of synthesizers. There a many available flavors: vintage-inspired ones from Moog, Oberheim, or completely new developed, each with its own character. Filters are also used to edit audio. Above all to hide certain frequencies, to filter unsightly elements, or to change the color of the sound. Filtering can go a long way. UVI has released a plugin that takes you on this long journey.

Shade is described as a next-gen Swiss Army knife filtering tool, design to shatter the boundaries of conventional EQ, filtering, and modulation effects. Shade doesn’t just offer the user one or two types, they are amazing 35 different filter shapes available. It includes everything from digital to analog-modeled nonlinear and mind-bending multi-resonant ones. Filter friends get their money’s worth here

UVI Shade

More Than Classic Filter

Shade goes far beyond what classic hardware or filter plugins can do. It’s kind of a filter creative station. This is confirmed by the large number of options for editing and modulating the filters. The plugin is equipped with 9 different modulator types including MSEG (multi-segment envelope generators), envelope followers, side-chain, filter inputs, triggerable envelopes, and cross-modulation options. All these can be synced to your host, audio, or via MIDI. Plus, it offers comprehensive multichannel support.

Thanks to its drag-and-drop modulation system, you can easily put them in motion and make them dance to your tune. Shade is fully-configurable like a semi-modular system and so filter plugin with endless options.

In my opinion, UVI has developed a first-class competition to the FabFilter EQ plugins with Shade. With one big difference. Instead of focusing entirely on the EQ, they focus on the general sound design. So EQ’ing, filtering, and much more. The interface is modern, easy-to-read, and not cluttered with thousands of features. Nice done. Very interesting plugin.

UVI Shade is available now for an introductory price of 79€ until October 31st, 2020.

More information here: UVI (partner link) 

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