Puremagnetik Cloudmaster, Plugin Full Of Tools For Multi-Faceted Spectral Spaces

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Meet Cloudmaster, a new plugin from Puremagnetik that is equipped with various sound tools with which everyone can design their own spectral spaces in no time at all

There is newly plugin food every day. I can’t report about all new releases, but I promise about the most interesting and creative ones. Puremagnetik is a small software company that I will not forget. Started as an Ableton/Kontakt instrument designer, they have been making highly interesting plugins at bargain prices or some time now. To benefit you must be part of their subscription service Spark, otherwise, you can only buy the new plugins a month later for 20€ instead of 9€, which is still cheap.

Cloudmaster is Puremagnetik’s latest release and is a unique multifunction spectral space processor. It is a segment looper, a spectral blurring tool, a waveshaper, a pitch shifter, and much more. According to the developers, it is capable of everything from algorithmic reverb, glacial ambient washes, infinite stretches, and more.

Puremagnetik Cloudmaster


As always with Puremagnetik plug-ins, the plugin interface is kept very simple but pimped with beautiful graphics. It offers:

  • Windows: These are two segment loopers with fixed beginning points (the beginning of the 3 second audio buffer) and variable end points. Adjust them to get overlapping phrases of the incoming audio. We didn’t implement a crossfade here because it is audible. Move them slightly if you get some clicking or other artifacts.
  • Range: Analog-style pitch scaling. 1.0 is no pitch scaling. 2.0 is an octave. Everything in between is for your ears to decide!
  • Blur: Spectral Blur amount that smears all amplitudes and frequencies.
  • Space: Algorithmic reverb send level
  • Fuzz: Post-reverb Chebyshev waveshaper. Use this with the XOVER to get some low-end grit.
  • Xover: Waveshaping crossover freq. Essentially a low pass filter. Sweep this up to get more of the input frequency going through the waveshaper.
  • Damp: Reverb high frequency dampening
  • Size: Reverb room size/depth
  • Boost: Post-reverb gain. Use this to adjust the output volume after the reverb.

At first glance a very nice experimental plugin with many tools with which you can chase sounds through the spherical meat grinder. Especially ambient musicians will have fun with this sound tool. If you get involved in the Spark Sub (cancel anytime), you get a super unique plugin for 9 €.

Cloudmaster is available now as part of Puremagnetik ‘s Spark subscription for $9 USD per month. The plugin is running in VST & AU format on Windows & Mac. After one month it will become back-cataloged for a la carte purchase at $20 USD.

More information here: PM

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