Arturia News: Interview With Yves Usson & Free Patch Library For MatrixBrute Synthesizer!

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Arturia today released a new patch library for the MatrixBrute analog synthesizer, designed by Yves Usson, the developer of the first MiniBrute. The library is free of charge and features 32 new sounds.

In addition to this free library, the company has published a detailed interview with the designer where you get more information about the Brute family.

An exclusive video interview with the mastermind behind #Arturia’s analog instruments. Usson has also created a free preset pack for the #MatrixBrute, an instrument he co-designed, to let you experiment with bi-timbral patches that drift and evolve, whistling filters, and evocative sounds of the golden age of synthesizers.

Sound Demo

The new library is available now for free from the official Arturia website.

More information here: Arturia 

Arturia MatrixBrute

Free Preset Library News

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