Propellerhead Software Reason Compact 2.0, Now It’s A Pocket Music Studio For iOS

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Propellerhead Software has today released Reason Compact 2.0, a major update for its music studio app for iOS. Initially, there was confusion about the name of the app because it was just an iOS version of the Europe Synthesizer.

Now the Swedes improved this and added two instruments: a new mono synth and a drum machine that transforms the app in a pocket music studio. Interesting is that you can export the session to Reason 10 with all the instruments. So probably these instruments will come in the near future as an update for Reason 10.

Propellerhead Software Reason Compact 2.0


Reason Compact – a music studio right in your pocket. With three amazing-sounding and powerful instruments, you’re ready to have fun and make music on the go. Get started for free, then add new sounds and more controls whenever you’re ready.

In Reason Compact 2.0 we’ve added two new amazing-sounding instruments. Rytmik is a simple yet powerful drum machine that comes with lots of inspirational free drum kits. Monotone is a synth made for deep basslines.

Monotone Synthesizer & Rytmik Drum Machine, New Instruments For Reason 10?

As mentioned above, there will be two new virtual instruments for Reason 10 (picture right side). Monotone is a simple bass Synthesizer and Rytmik a straightforward designed drum machine. When these instruments come as an update is not yet known.

Propellerhead Software Reason Compact 2.0


  • Craft banging beats, perfect melodies and deep basslines
  • Create music with three amazing-sounding and powerful instruments right at your fingertips
    • Europa – Reason’s flagship synthesizer
    • Rytmik – a simple yet powerful drum machine that comes with 16 inspirational free drum kits
    • Monotone Bass Synthesizer – a synthesizer made especially for deep basslines
  • Play melodies and basslines with the smart keyboard that helps you always stay in key and never hit the wrong note
  • Draw notes and polish your performance with the MIDI note grid
  • Play lush synth chords with a single key using the Chords tool
  • Mix your tracks and play with the built-in effects and controls to dial in your perfect sound
  • Add depth and texture to your tracks using distortion, delay, and reverb effects
  • Sequence and build patterns in the drum grid
  • Add new sounds and more controls only when you’re ready
  • Sketch out song ideas on the go with a full-featured music studio
  • Take your tracks further with Reason Lite, the desktop studio you can download for free with Reason Compact
  • Export tracks as Reason 10 song files, as wave files or patches

Propellerhead Software Reason Compact is available for free on the Apple App Store. You can unlock via in-app purchases the full version of Europa Synth, Monotone Bass Synthesizer and Rytmik Drum Machine each for $9.99 USD. Sound expansions are available each for $0.99 USD.

More information here: Propellerhead Software 

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