Behringer Want To Port Guitar Pedals Into The Eurorack Format

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Behringer ‘s crazy idea is to port classic guitar pedals to the Eurorack format for a price of less than € 30 per module. Yes absolutely or no please not?

The fact that Behringer integrates its customers directly into product developments via social media is nothing new. The latest idea from MusicTribe City, however, is a bit crazy. In a new post on the official Behringer Facebook page, the company asks its customers and fans if they are interested guitar pedals ports in Eurorack format. Behringer shows what that can look like with a few rendered photos.

If you look back at the history of Behringer and guitar pedals, you can see parallels to today’s Eurorack business. A few years ago, Uli and his team came up with the same business ideas to recreate famous pedals from well-known manufacturers (Boss…) and offer them at a bargain price. They are currently available from major music shops for +/- 25€. To be honest, these pedals are pretty good considering the asking price. Josh Scott, YouTuber, and manufacturer of JHS Pedals has made a detailed video about all these pedals.

Behringer Guitar Pedals Eurorack

It is not known whether Behringer would like to convert these aging pedals into Eurorack modules or create new pedals for this project. The Eurorack modules that you can see on the render are clearly clones and are extremely reminiscent of the originals from Boss etc.

The idea sounds strange at first glance, but I think it would be worth a try. Behringer offers complete voices (Roland & Moog clones), sequencers, etc. at a very low price, what is still missing are effect modules.  A Juno 106 style chorus, delay, or reverb at an affordable price would surely welcome many Eurorack users. According to Behringer, they think they could achieve a price of $29 USD per effect what would be a crazy low price.

Behringer Facebook Post

We want your opinion. What about we transformed some of the coolest guitar effects pedals into the Eurorack format so you could combine them with your Eurorack synths? Or guitar players could now build a super compact and portable effects rack – perhaps even get connected to the world of synths? We think we could achieve US$ 29 per effect. Do you think it’s a crazy idea? Shoot…

Behringer Guitar Pedals Eurorack

I find the idea not bad at all. If this were to be implemented in this way, however, in my opinion, they must have more CV options. In modular synthesis, one likes to modulate parameters and bring movement to the sounds. Simple effects get a little boring in modular synthesis.

You can assemble a whole, compact effects rack for little money without buying larger pedals. The idea is legit to talk about. What do you think?

More information here: Behringer 

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  1. I like the idea. NEEDS CV inputs. Without CV inputs, then what’s the point? People could pick up the pedals. If adding CV raises the price… I don’t know. I might still be interested in a $30 distortion module but CV inputs would make it more eurorack friendly. Though there are plenty of boutique DIY makers that have cheap delays and distortions without CV.

    They should bring their Vintage Tube Monster pedal to eurorack! As long as it doesn’t take like 400 mA of power…

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