Audio Damage Released Phase Three Phaser Plugin For PC, Mac & iOS!

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Audio Damage Phase Three is a new effect plugin that emulates accurately the MuTron Bi-Phase hardware phaser unit and it’s now available for PC, Mac and iOS AUv3!

Audio Damage has released recently Phase Three, an updated version of its PhaseTwo phaser plugin for PC & Mac that emulates the MuTron Bi-Phase. The new version features a brand-new vector based interface, a cross-platform preset browser, AAX support & more.

As usual, AD has also published a iOS version of this effect processor with AUv3 support.

Audio Damage Phase Three


PhaseThree is a detailed model of the MuTron Bi-Phase, with all the lovely sound of that unit (along with its foibles and quirks.) It is worth noting that, due to aging factors, no two Bi-Phase hardware units sound alike; we found the best and most tuneful one we could lay our hands on, bought it for a faintly ridiculous price, and took it apart to see what made it tick. Like you do. 

The result is a painstaking digital copy of the original unit, down to the unique sweep of its LFOs. With the latest version, we have departed from the original and added 12-stage phasors in addition to the six-stage versions found in the hardware units. (We feel that 12-stage phasors have a more modern sound that people expect in a current phasor, and that the six-stage versions in the original were somewhat lacking to the modern palette.) 


  • Perfect model of the original Bi-Phase, down to the response of the vactrols.
  • The unobtanium Bi-Phase expression pedal is modeled as a separate parameter, for control by your favorite modulation source.
  • 12-stage phasor option for each channel, in addition to the original 6-stage phasors.
  • XML-based cross-platform preset manager, with copy and paste. (You can even move presets between the iOS version and the desktop version with Handoff.)
  • Entirely vector-based resizable high-resolution user interface.

Audio Damage Phase Three is available now for PC & Mac (VST/VST3/AU/AAX) for $39 USD. Existing users of Phase Two can upgrade for $10 USD in the AD store. Phase Three for iOS available now for $3.99 USD on the Apple App Store.

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