stw-audio Reflex-Pro-X, A Plugin That Turns You Into A Delay Effect Designer

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stw-audio Reflex-Pro-X goes where most delay plugins leave off, not only does it offer great-sounding effects, it is also a tool where you become a delay designer. 

There are tons of delay plugins available. The market is highly competitive and a simple delay is no longer enough to arouse customer interest. It must have a lot of possibilities and go far beyond what a simple delay plugin can do. Reflex-Pro-X from the new german music software company stw-audio tries that. It’s a multi-delay effect processor plugin that offers enhanced modulation and combination features.

The core is based on four independent true stereo delay slots, not just one. You can set a delay (different modes) in each slot (true stereo) or use it as a complex connection matrix that gives you the option to bring feedback routings, and other slots settings to the game. Reflex-Pro-X provides a wide range of different delay modes: forward, backward, grain, and advanced tap delay with various feedback or triggering options.


Far Beyond A Classic Delay

At first glance, this already sounds rich, but it goes even deeper. It also features 3 semi-modular FX racks that could hold one of up to 21 different effects for each delay slots. This allows you to change the character of the delay once again, even deeper. You can load in various filters, shaping, and modulation modules as pre-delay, feedback, or post-delay effect. So basically it’s not just a delay plugin but also a tool for crafting your own delay effect.

Thanks to a sophisticated modulation engine, you can bring movements to your sounds. Available are two envelope followers, four LFOs, and a four trance gate modules which can be mapped to almost all parameters. Additionally, a logic section allows to chain, and alter these sources to complex new interacting modulation signals. In the master section or the final stage of the delay, you can find another arsenal with sound-shaping tools. Here you can find different ambient & reverb algorithms, EQs, filters, and more. The master effects output can also be routed to the delay slot inputs and therefore used as a source for sound coloring itself. All in one, an extremely complex delay plugin with endless possibilities.


  • 4 true stereo delay channels with inter feedback and input routings.
  • 3 effect slots for each channel.
  • 4 delay modes featuring enhanced feedback options and extended tap mode.
  • 4×4 feedback matrix.
  • 21 selected customizable effects with countless combination possibilities.
  • Extensive modulation options.
  • 10 modulation sources of three different types.
  • Modulation logic.
  • Master FX section.

stw-audio Reflex-Pro-X is available now for an introductory price of 69€ until August 21st, 2020 (regular 89€). It runs on Windows & Mac in VST, VST3, AU, AAX plugin format.

More information here: stw-audio

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