MOK Waverazor 2.5, Big Free Update With New Features & UNiFY Patches

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MOK ‘s innovative wave-slicing Synthesizer Waverazor just received a massive free 2.5 update with new filters, effects, modulators & significant DSP improvements. 

There are countless synthesizer plugins on the market. From virtual analog, FM, granular but also the trendy wavetable synthesis. There are some real pearls among this huge mass of synth plugins. One of these is the MOK Waverazor, a Synthesizer that uses an innovative waveform slicing technology that slices familiar waveforms and recombines them to create truly unique sounds. One of them is Taiho Yamada, also known as one of the developers of the Alesis Andromeda.

MOK has today released the biggest free update for its plugin. Waverazor 2.5 adds a big amount of new features but also major improvements in the existing DSP modules.

MOK Waverazor 2.5

New Features Galore

Besides the ability to run Waverazor 2.5  as a standalone synth in Windows and macOS, the MOK team has implemented many new sound design-oriented functions. Starting with three new filters and new improvements for the existing ones:

  • CombLPF filter, a great sounding comb, but also used as a reverb building block
  • All-Pass Filter used to create phasers, reverbs, and timbral shifts in distortions
  • TapLine8 filter, consisting of 8 short delays, useful for Physical Modeling
  • [BONUS] The State Variable filter can now Morph between filter states with one control
  • [BONUS] Added clipping, wave folding, and panning to the Gain filter

Also, the effect section has been expanded in Waverazor 2.5 with three new effects and refinements.

  • TapLine8X effect with longer delay times than the TapLine8 filter
  • a Reverb done in MOK style – we open up all the hidden parameters for editing and modulation
  • a dual-stereo delay – 2 delays on each side, with tempo sync, reverse and freeze
  • [BONUS] The chorus and delay effects are smoother
  • [BONUS] A Main Mixer Limiter was added for extra output control
  • [BONUS] Master Feedback functions improved

Wait, there are also two new modulators & improvements for 

  • a modular style Step Generator with direction control
  • a smoothed Random source for organic movement
  • [BONUS] Faster Envelopes for more snap
  • [BONUS] Envelope looping modes for LFO-like behavior
  • [BONUS] LFO One Shot mode for Envelope-like behavior
  • [BONUS] LFO Quantizer for adding steps at any resolution

Waverazor UNiFY

New UNiFY Waverazor Patches

MOK is also celebrating the Alliance of PluginGuru and MOK with the release of “Unified – Waverazor” a library of its 423 Waverazor Factory Patches in Unify’s native Patch format! Unify is an instrument PLUS a powerful plug-in host that makes all your plug-ins have super Layering and Splitting Powers (and MUCH more!) If you own both Waverazor and Unify, this Unified library lets us load up our Waverazor patches and combine/layer/split/stack them with any other plugins that you own to make new sounds!

MOK Waverazor 2.5 is a free update to registered users. It’s available now for $99 until the end of August (regular $159) by applying the code UNIFIED-WAVERAZOR at the cart.

More information here: MOK 

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