Future Sound Systems MTX8 Is A Standalone Pin Matrix For Advanced Audio Routings

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Future Sound Systems MTX8, a full analog pin matrix for synths, guitars, effects…designed for advanced routings, sums, feedbacks & more.

Pin matrices continue to be popular in the Synthesizer world. One of the best known can be found in the vintage EMS VCS3 Synthesizer, which today is a model for many similar synthesizers. For example, in the Erica Synths SYNTRX only realised in digitally with storage. This clever audio routing system is now also available for all other synths, effects, etc.

Future Sound Systems has converted its MTX range in two standalone units, one for standard (synths…) and another for guitar signals. The idea of the new MTX8 is simple: it lets you route, sum, create feedback paths, and add distortion and character to your audio signals using a pin matrix system.

Future Sound Systems MTX8

The MTX8 is a kind of vintage-inspired patch bay that becomes the heart of your studio or pedalboard. Connect your interface, pedals, and outboard to it and never have to worry about tracing cables again. With this, you can design your desired signal chain by dropping pins into the matrix. MTX8 is also designed to be written on – this way you always know what is connected where. A dry-wipe pen is included, as well as a set of ten pins. MTX8 comes in two different versions:

MTX8 Standard

The standard version is an analog device that includes 8 inputs/outputs featuring full buffering of all inputs and outputs, allowing parity gain summing.Routing configuration is achieved by the use of a 64-point pin matrix. By inserting a 2mm banana pin into a point on the matrix connects that input (the numbered vertical axis) to a corresponding output (the lettered horizontal axis). MTX8 has only ¼ inch jacks unbalanced ins/outs but will pass balanced signals fed to/from it via two or three-pole jacks.

Future Sound Systems MTX8

MTX8 Guitar

The second version is designed for guitars and is the same as the standard MTX8, except Input 1 features an input stage based on a Tube Screamer-type distortion pedal. It can be used to add gain and distortion to a guitar or microphone signal. It features a very high gain amplifier with clipping circuitry. The clipping circuit can be switched in and out as desired. The clipping characteristic is asymmetric, emulating the clipping behaviour of thermionic valves.

This input also features a high impedance JFET front end, an aggressive tone control, and has a first order high-pass characteristic with a -3dB point of around 200Hz which prevents low-frequencies from affecting the clipping behaviour adversely. A guitar could be connected to any of the MTX8’s inputs if a flat, parity gain, clean signal is desired

It requires a 9V DC, 200mA center negative power. A power supply for your territory is included in the box, however, it is recommended that you use the best guitar power supply you have available. Devices such as the Voodoo Labs Pedal Power range are ideal. Internally, it runs on ±15VDC rails, so is able to tolerate “professional” line-level signals without problem (up to around +24dBu).

Future Sound Systems MTX8 is available now for £409.00 (incl. 20% VAT) & MTX8 Guitar £429.00 (incl. 20% VAT).

More information here: FSS

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