Flame Mäander Filter Bank Desktop Synth Gets An Update 2.0 With New Features

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Flame updates its super special Mäander analog filterbank desktop Synthesizer to version 2.0 with a new FM algorithm, wavetables & more.

One of the most special synths that made its debut last year is the Flame Mäander. It’s a desktop synth with a very unique design, neither very classic (2 or 3 VCOs + filter) nor experimental west-coast. Mäander offers a polyphonic wavetable oscillator with up to 4 voice chords that is supported by a complete analog 12 bandpass filterbank. Very special and something that is very rare to find in a desktop synth.

I write about this distinct instrument because it gets an update 2.0 with several new features for Superbooth 20 Home Edition.

Flame Mäander

Mäander Firmware 2.0

Firmware 2.0 brings some new major sound features and improvements. The highlight is an extension of the existing wavetables (Bank A)  by a further 39 wavetables. The new ones are in Bank B where you can add wavetables yourself. In the future, the developer will release new WT banks on the website as a free download. A nice day, first novation now flame with more wavetable power.

The Mäander offers also a third bank C that is reserved for digital algorithms such as saw, square but also new FM algorithms. If you work this, the color and detune knobs become controls for the FM parameter. Same as the wavetable oscillator, the FM algorithm can be played in a four-voice polyphony or unison mode. The detune, which was previously only available in the unison mode, can now also be used in polyphonic mode. This creates four additional voices and adds a slight detuning effect so you a fat, chorus-like sound. The detuning can be regulated up to the octave distance between the individual voices.


On the improvement side, the display of the LFO-Sync shows now the divider value temporarily, the reset of synchronized LFOs, and a complete revision of the internal scale function.

The Flame Mäander 2.0 update will be available soon on the official website as a downloadable file.

More information here: Flame 

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Superbooth 20 Home Edition

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