Deluge Firmware 3.0 Adds Audio Clips, Live Looping & More

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Deluge firmware 3.0 is now available and add major new features to the Synthstrom Audible groovebox, including live looping, audio clips & more. 

At the Superbooth 2019, Synthstrom Audible presented the new Deluge Firmware 3.0. Now the free update is available and it makes the groovebox from New Zealand even more exciting. On the hardware side, the developers have reduced the CPU consumption and expanded the USB port with a host mode for MIDI devices. According to the developers, it’s now possible to play more sounds at the same time due to the better performances.

Also, there are big new features on the software side: the new Deluge firmware 3.0 adds audio clips to the device that allows you to playback audio like the synth, kit, CV or MIDI clips. Another big highlight is the new live looping function with which you can loop audio and MIDI including overdubbing. The length of the loops depends on how big your memory is. What I like here is the fact that Deluge is now just a groovebox but also a powerful loop station/instrument.

I talked at Superbooth 2019 with Ian from Synstrom Audible about the beginning of the Deluge. What clearly came out: it’s just the beginning of the Deluge, more free updates will coming in the future.

Deluge Firmware 3.0 Features

  • Audio clips (an all-new type of clip, in addition to synth, kit, CV and MIDI)
  • Live looping of audio and instrument / MIDI clips, including easy overdubbing / layering, and automatic tempo setting
  • Audio clip live looping includes the option to record additional audio “margins” either side of the loop (from before you even pressed record), to allow a brief crossfade to eliminate click at the loop point
  • Auto-extending of clip length during note recording
  • Recording count-in
  • Recording audio or MIDI directly into arrangement tracks
  • Audio thru
  • Alphanumeric keyboard, allowing text-based names of presets and files
  • Deleting of audio and preset files
  • New preset-loading interface, with “clone” function for adding multiple preset instances
  • USB host mode for MIDI devices
  • Ability to switch off automatic sample previewing
  • Expanded MIDI control of functions for pedal control of live looping
  • Further CPU optimizations to allow an even greater number of sounds to be played at once

Loopop has created an excellent walkthrough video on the Deluge to coincide with the V3.0 firmware release

Synthstrom Audible Deluge Firmware 3.0 is available now as a free download. Deluge is available now for $899 USD.

More information here: Synthstrom Audible 

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