midiphy LoopA Gets A Major Update With New Advanced Sequencer Features

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midiphy has given its versatile, handy LoopA DIY MIDI Looper a new firmware update (207) with many new sequencer-relevant features

There aren’t too many MIDI loopers on the market. Bastl Instruments recently brought new momentum to the market with its own approach to a “MIDI Looper”. The feature richest and versatile, in my opinion, is called midiphy LoopA, comes from Germany and is a DIY device. It contains a wealth of creative functions that you miss on other devices. It features, among many other things: 36 MIDI clips in a matrix of 6 tracks (horizontal) and 6 scenes (vertical), nearly unlimited polyphony, dynamic requantization of notes at any time…

Just recently there was an optical upgrade for the LoopA with a new case in a white finish with classic buttons. Looks very nice in my opinion. Now the German developers have once again significantly improved their MIDI looper and made it more flexible. With the new sequencer-relevant firmware update 207, the LoopA is increasingly becoming a powerful hardware sequencer.

midiphy LoopA

The new firmware update 207 adds for example a classic step recording mode including polymetric & polyrhthmic sequence support that make the work much more interesting and deep. But there is much more to discover in the new update.

New Features In Midiphy LoopA Firmware 207 

  • CC Recording, transformation and generation
  • Selective track progression (vs full scene progression)
  • Support for 30 different time signatures
  • Polymetric and polyrhythmic sequence support
  • Classic step recording mode
  • Note velocity dampening effect (also as a footswitch action)

midiphy LoopA is a free update for existing users. The LoopA Essential Kit (DIY) with a pro metal case is available now for 268,05€ and requires further parts.

More information here: midiphy 

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  1. Nice! Wanted to buy a keystep pro next, but after watching this demo, i am unsure – that note display just looks so good and it has proper keys. thanks for the info on this product, i will contact one of their builders to see how much it will cost.

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