Korg volca sample2 Adds New Features, More Memory & USB Connectivity

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Korg ‘s new volca sample2 is more than just a cosmetic update, it brings more of everything: memory, features, sounds but also USB connectivity. 

That’s right, Korg has updated its popular compact sampler volca sample relatively quietly today to the second generation. No new colors or designs, nope but new features. The name volca sample has remained, internally and on the website, it rings as volca sample2

Highlights of the new generation are more sample memory, improved workflow features, micro USB port for better connectivity, and new up to date sound library. A rather small update, in my opinion, that makes the Volca Sample fit for 2020+ but at the same time doesn’t excite existing users of the previous version. Small but fine.

Korg Volca Sample Next Generation


Korg volca sample2 is a compact, battery-powered sample machine with a powerful engine that is capable of 8 voice polyphony, digital reverb, a rich-sounding double filter, and plenty of knobs for sample manipulation. With built-in motion sequencer, users can go deep and create versatile patterns. On the creative side, the new version adds two new features that will help you in the music-making process. The pattern chain mode is now equipped with two different step jump modes as well as with a new start delay function. The latter allows you to go “off the grid” and lets you slightly delay the start of any part to achieve different kinds of grooves and swing.

Volca sample2 adds also more memory, which means more pattern locations, samples, and more. It has an increased memory of 200 memory slots; double its predecessor. 50 are left empty on factory settings so you can load either your own original or pre-made libraries. Pattern locations have also have been increased from 10 to 16. The new generation of volca sample comes with a brand new sound library that has been carefully curated to fit the needs of all music producers and beatmakers everywhere.

Korg Volca Sample2

Micro USB Port

The new generation also adds a micro-USB port which is probably the biggest new feature. Mainly because it allows you now to connect your volca sample2 to your computer, easily control it, and manage your samples. It allows you to easily control, sync, and play your volca sample2 from any DAW. Plus, individual MIDI channels can now be assigned to different parts, making it easier to perform when using an external device such as a sequencer or keyboard.

With the volca sample2’s dedicated Librarian software available for Mac and PC (coming soon) utilizing the USB port managing and sending your samples and patterns back and forth is now an instantaneous and pain-free process.


In the last few weeks, the Volca sample has again been a big topic in the media. No leaks of the new version but a great firmware hack has been published, with which the potential of the device can be exploited significantly more. The question I am asking is whether the Volca sample2 can be hacked that easily or not. It would be appreciated if this could continue to be so easy. With the SDK logue series, Korg has an open-source platform on offer, so why not here?

Korg volca sample2 aka volca sample will be available soon.

More information here: Korg 

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