Syntheway Intros Spherator FM, New 4-Operator FM Synthesizer For Cosmic Sounds

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With Spherator FM, Syntheway shows a 4 operator FM synthesizer plug-in (PC / Mac) with which you can dive into the depths of harmonic and inharmonic timbres

If you are into ambient-oriented FM synthesizers, you should read on now. Syntheway has today introduced Spherator FM, a new frequency modulation Synthesizer plugin that packed with 4 operators. Each of the 4 operators are made of sine waves with their own ADSR envelope which are pre-configured to modulate each other. This allows you to create complex sounds ranging from harmonic to inharmonic sounds.

A built-in modulation matrix simplifies the workflow. Here you can configure the routing of the operators and determine which one is the carrier and how the others are modulating it or each other. Understanding the routings requires some FM synthesis knowledge but with this Mod Matrix you can keep track of things very well in my opinion. Once you have hit the operators in the right relation, the signal is routed in an effect section where you can find a flanger, reverb, delay, a drive boost. This section is mainly to refine your FM results.

Syntheway Spherator FM

According to the developer, Spherator FM comes with 40 ready-to-use presets for many genres and styles of music and flexibility to custom design over a diverse sonic palette. 40 is not a lot but is a good introduction to what the synthesizer sounds like. The GUI does not correspond to the 2020 plugin standard, in my opinion, but rather from the beginning of 2000. It looks like a SynthEdit interface. If the developer make a little effort on the interface, this could be a lovely FM Synthesizer. With plugins, the interface is extremely important because you always have to look at it.

There is also a sound demo and it shows nicely how versatile it is.

Syntheway Spherator FM is available now for $43,90 USD for Windows and macOS (VST/AU). A free demo is available on the website.

More information here: Syntheway

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  1. I’m not sure how this company keeps it up. These GUIs sucked in 2005 and they still suck now!

    Also this is not worth the money. This synth is too comparable to free alternatives. In fact, Exakt Lite and Dexed are free and objectively superior.

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