Trueno Analog Digital USB Synthesizer First Look & Sound Demo

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When WS-Sound announced the Trueno, an analogue and digital Synthesizer in a USB stick, my interest was great because this is a complete new concept for an instrument. The USB stick contains the analog & digital oscillators, analogue modulations (amplitude mod, pulse-width mod & filter FM) as well as the analog filter. Modulations such as the LFO & envelopes but also the digital effects are not on the stick but in the editor plugin for PC & Mac.

I had the chance to check out the Trueno Synthesizer in my setup. Here is a first look including a complete unboxing and some new designed patches. More sound demos and the final review will be available soon.

Hardware Features
  • 3 Voltage Controlled Oscillators: Saw, Square, Triangle waveforms. VCO 3 has a digital noise generator. VCO 1 has an adjustable pulse-width. Digital additiveoscillator mode with 64 partials; 256 wavetables included.
  • Analog Modulation: Amplitude Modulation, Pulse-width Modulation, Filter Frequency Modulation.
  • Voltage Controlled Filter: Low-pass and Band-pass mode
  • Integrated Analog To Digital Converter: 44.1KHz 24 bit ADC.
  • Beautifully Packaged: Aerospace grade aluminium case. Size: 78mm (L) x 31mm (W) x 7mm(H). Weight: 25g

Software Features: 
  • Powerful Oscillator Control: Monophonic and 3 voice paraphonic modes, 4 glide modes
  • Extensive Modulation Options: LFOs and envelopes can be easily assigned to VCO pitch & volume, VCF cutoff and resonance as well as master volume by dragging and dropping.
  • 4 LFO Generators: Sine, saw, square, triangle and random waveforms; tempo sync and note trigger options.
  • 6 Envelope Generators: 4 assignable generators. With exponential mode. Dedicated filter and master volume envelopes.
  • Easy Recording:  One click recording of Trueno’s output, saved automatically to pre-specified location
  • Multi-FX: 
    • Variable delay effects with feedback.
    • Flanger
    • Phasor,
    • Chorus (4 & 8 voice mode)
    • Delay: LP, HP and BP Filter. Mono, stereo and ping-pong modes. Tempo synchronised.
    • Reverb: Algorithmic reverb. LP, HP and BP Filter.
The full review of the Trueno Synthesizer will be available soon at

Trueno Synthesizer is now available for 159.99€.

More information here: Trueno Synthesizer 

Available here: Trueno Synthesizer 

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